The Corona Diaries – Day 472

It’s a glorious hot day in Yorkshire. The sun is shining. I’ve been mowing, painting and shifting rocks. I’m domesticated. It’s strange. I never think of people like Jack Kerouac mowing grass or doing the washing up. I bet they did though.

I went for a walk up my hill and found a young vole in the road. It had fallen off the verge and could not get back up the kerb. I imagined our local kestrel hovering around looking for easy pickings so I picked it up and put it back safely in the long grass. It never even said thank you!

Back home we’ve got a friend visiting and we’re off to a local Jazz and Blues Festival this evening – laying back in a comfy seat in the warm sunshine listening to cool Jazz or rockin’ out to a great R&B unit. Sounds good. They’ll be a bunch of us. Should be good! After a year and a half – some live music!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our buffoon in charge is finding things a little more complex that he imagined. He assumed that Freedom Day would be incredibly popular. I don’t think he was prepared for the reality – a symphony of T&T pings! Thousands dumping the T&T app. Thousands up in arms that their freedom is actually being taken away. Hundreds of thousands wanting sensible restrictions to curtail the spread of the virus. Concern over long covid and their kids. Concern that our Health Service (remember the kick in the teeth pay cut people) are already on their knees and are going to be asked to perform miracles again. A litany of complaints and warnings from the like of the WHO and Jacinda Ardherne regarding the recklessness of removing all restrictions.

Not quite as popular as the clown imagined! I’m leaning out the window to hear the crescendo of pings! I’m watching things collapse as millions have to self-isolate. I’m waiting for the hospital entries to go through the roof. Even a tiny percentage is a hell of a lot of people!!

I think we were here last Summer with Eat out To Help Out and back to the office – the result was a second lethal wave.

We are still in the midst of a pandemic; only half the population have been vaccinated. We’re asking for trouble!!

But the Jerk in Charge has another diversion that he thinks will gain him some more popularity; he’s letting everyone go on holiday abroad!! Great idea. We have the delta (Indian) variant that he stupidly allowed into the country, and the new lambda variant, running amok. They are going berserk here. Why not allow other countries to get in on the act. We can successfully export them. All we have to do is allow mass exodus to other countries and they’ll take it with them! Then all the other countries will be in trouble and our stats won’t look quite so bad!! Great thinking!!

I was pleased to hear Gary Neville pointing out how much a berk Johnson is with his hypocritical support of the England Team. As Gary pointed out; we’ve got a fully multicultural team and if the Tories (Johnson and Priti Patel) had their way half of them wouldn’t be here!!

The other interesting thing is that it was noted that if he’d been working for the Tory Propaganda machine that is the BBC he would not have been allowed to say it! He’d have probably been sacked.

So Johnson, pulling on an England shirt over the top of his shirt and tie, that one of his aides had given him, was trying to claim a bit of the credit. Well he can stuff his Brexit, Nationalism and phony support! The man’s a lying hypocrite!

Interesting to see the big spike in cases among young men that is due to the way they are congregating and hugging each other like morons. Football covid is certainly not helping matters!!

So as Sunak the two-faced urges people to go back to the office, the new cases soar to over 32,500 and the level of increase is mirroring the steepness of the second wave, the hospital cases are starting to ominously rise, the deaths are rising and the specter of long covid stalks the country, our clown is acting jolly and pretending its all great! It’s Bolsonaro and Trump all rolled into one cheerleading idiot!!

Well, I for one will not be going into any crowded pubs, inside venues or on public transport despite being double jabbed. If I had not been double jabbed I’d be very worried now. I think we’re in for a hurricane of self-induced misery.

Stay Safe!! The clown has opened Pandora’s box!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 472

    1. Cheers Jeff!
      Yeah – we’ve still got a populist moron in charge!!
      Looking forward to a day of Jazz – though the weather’s turned cold!!

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