The Corona Diaries – Day 469

After a year and a third of pandemic we still have not succumbed to the virus! Our life has radically changed. Most of our new behaviour has been adapted to. We automatically give wide berth to people in the street. We do not hug and embrace friends. We socially distance. We do not go inside public building unless we really have to. We wear masks inside. We do not use public transport. We meet friends and eat outside. We are not thinking of going abroad. We look at the stats and have the pandemic as a constant in our lives.

A year and a half ago we were blasé. We travelled the world without a thought. We visited regions with nasty diseases and never thought of the risks. We were a lot braver (or more foolhardy?).

Today we met up with a friend and took a five mile walk along the beach to Bridlington where we bought fish and chips and ate them outside on a bench.

In days gone by we would probably have done that but met up indoors, had a cup of tea, a glass of wine, maybe shared a meal, shared my projects.

It’s different. But it was good. We talked about books read, plans for the future, politics and pandemic. We talked about our kids, friends and future adventures.

Back home I’ve been feeding birds and playing some Pink Floyd! Strange days have brought us here!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, our moron of a clown is applying politics to life. Or should I suggest it should be applying greed and lust for power to death.

He has been looking at the prospects and weighing up the death-rates against his own popularity. One knows that’s in that internal debate his popularity will greatly outweigh the needs of society. It always has.

So let the bodies pile up.

Johnson reckons that it will be more popular to remove all covid restrictions on July 19th.

It does not matter that the rate of new cases is rising and 45% of the population haven’t been jabbed. (Worst increase in Europe).

It does not matter about long covid.

It does not matter that the scientists are warning of big trouble ahead – predicting a big surge, more variants (They are calling the increase in cases a covid variant factory) and many deaths.

What matters is that the people think he’s great! He’s brought in the vaccine and liberated the country!!

Except the gaffe-prone buffoon didn’t deliver the vaccine. That was the NHS. Many countries have now surpassed us! We’re not as world-beating as he would like to make us believe.

He is calling it ‘FREEDOM DAY’ in his usual cheerleading cheeriness. Except we’ve all heard these silly oven-ready world-beating saying before. We’ve seen the apps, moonshots, Ireland, Scotland and £350 million a week for the NHS (In reality a cut!). They are simply glib sound bites – empty lies – strap lines – slogans. They are designed to impact on gullible sheep.

The reality is a lot different. The world-beating apps and track and trace have been pathetic (and expensive). The world-beating moonshot is totally unreliable.

Freedom Day is no different. It is politically designed to give Johnson and the Tories a boost. It’s a lie.

The doubled jabbed can travel abroad without having to isolate. They do not have to isolate if they have been in contact with the infected. Neither do the under eighteens. We can all cram into restaurant’s, cinemas and gigs without masks or distancing. We can be jammed backed into trains and busses.

Great!!! Freedom!!

Except it isn’t freedom is it? For those not vaccinated it’s a nightmare. As the levels of new cases rise the risk of catching it increases. The specter of ventilators, death and long covid looms to pour gloom.

Do the unvaccinated, covid anxious and vulnerable really have their freedom? Do they want to be jammed in an underground train with coughing disease-ridden humanity?

It’s real bad news for the antivaxxers, those with suppressed immunity and the covid anxious. Their freedom has just been curtailed!!

Then we go back to the variant factories.

The latest concern is the Lambda variant – more infectious and resistant to vaccines.

It’s like Johnson is gambling with our lives. He’s banking on the vaccines suppressing serious illness. He’s hoping the variant factory he’s creating doesn’t throw up a new variant that will be fully resistant and kill half of us off!

He knows that if a new variant does arise the gullible British public won’t blame him. They’ll simply say ‘Who could have seen that coming?’ ‘Nobody else could have done any better.’

I say – OF COURSE WE COULD SEE IT COMING!!!!! The scientists are shouting it!

I say – JUST ABOUT ANYBODY COUILD HAVE DONE A BETTER JOB!!!! Just ask Jacinda Ardherne!!!

Stay Safe!! Ignore the Clown!! Take care of yourself!!

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