The Corona Diaries – Day 464

Another beautiful day. The sun shone. We took a walk with friends, sat by the river, chatted and looked at the beauty around us.


It makes you appreciate the real values of life!!

Meanwhile back in Coronaland the disasters of Brexit are being covered up by the disaster of Covid and the government (I use the word loosely) covers the whole mess up by borrowing, lying, avoiding taking responsibility and distracting us.

You’d never believe what a mess they are making of it from media news. 128,000 dead – no prob! Lockdowns but open borders??? Wash your hands and you’ll be alright.

Behind the scene Brexit is really beginning to bite:

Exports through the floor

Restaurants, agriculture, NHS, Care Homes, lorry drivers, schools – struggling to get staff.



The Financial institutions.

Collaborative work.

Loss of freedom to travel and work



Shortages (went for a curry today – no Thai beer because of Brexit)(a minor example – the shortages will grow and spread).

Price increases

On the plus side ‘Global Britain’ has a dodgy deal with Australia and a car battery plant that would have come here anyway!

Talk about shooting yourself in the foot! Brexit is, as was said, shooting both feet and both knees. The ones who will suffer are the ones who voted for it!

Who is going to pick up the bill??

We’ve employed a lot more bureaucrats though!!

The vaccination scheme rolls forward – booster jabs in Autumn!! Are kids going to be jabbed?? If we are to go for herd immunity they might have to be! Is it safer to let them get it?? Just hold covid parties for them! But then there is long covid.

By the 21st we could find ourselves out of restrictions!! I’m not sure this is following scientific advice though. The government picks and chooses – it is more likely what makes them popular (regardless).

Stay safe!! Tomorrow will be a 100 days into our second year of lockdown!! Doesn’t time fly!!

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