The Reality of Brexit and this Xenophobic narrow-minded meanness! We all should be ashamed!

This powerfully moving thread was posted on Twitter today by Mike Goulden. It says so much about the callousness and cruelty of the Brexit that was promoted by Boris Johnson and the other crooks and liars of Vote Leave. And about what their Brexit has done to our country. Read it and weep.——————-This is my mum, she’s 83 and has got dementia. She met my dad in 1962 when she worked for the British Army as a translator. My dad was in the Royal Artillery. They moved back to England in late 1962 and got married. My sister was born in 1963 and I was born in 1966. She worked from the moment she arrived. She had always wanted to be a teacher so she got her teaching qualification whilst working and bringing up my sister and I. She established herself as a well known teacher in adult education teaching German and German literature across schools colleges and the University of Liverpool. She took multiple groups of students to Germany on exchange visits, sharing her love of the German language and culture to as many people as possible.She is a published poet, having 2 anthologies under the pseudonym Alfa. She has written a novel “Susato” about Nazi Germany and she wrote a series of workbooks in German grammar for O and A level. She has a Bachelor and Masters degree which she funded herself. She has been called a Nazi, a Kraut, a Jew murderer by people in the street. Not once, ever, did she retaliate. She adores the Queen and treasures a thank you letter from her after my mum gave her a copy of her novel at a meeting of The Society of Women Writers and Journalist, of which she is a long-standing member. She loves this country and has contributed much to its life.Today, I had to fill out an application to apply for her to have settled status. I was reluctant but realised that we could risk her becoming an “illegal immigrant”. She has no understanding of this process because of her dementia. As part of the application I submitted her passport but that wasn’t enough. Oh no, I had to scan her face from side to side like an inmate in a concentration camp and then take the picture shown above. She became increasingly upset, “Just tell the government I’ve been here for years and that I’m German” I was crying on the inside. The rest of the application form was quite tricky with multiple verification codes and I doubt my mum, without dementia, would ever have completed it. It was undignified, intrusive and cruel.For those of you who voted for Brexit, is this what you wanted? If it is you should be utterly ashamed of yourselves. A Britain that was once tolerant, generous and welcoming has now morphed into a tinpot, cruel, xenophobic 3rd rate country under the monstrous government we now have. My mum has contributed so much to this country and this process is an insult to her and millions like her. When you vote for a cruel and divisive government like this one, be aware the you too are responsible for the unnecessary cruelty inflicted on my mum today and many more like her. You are responsible. Shove your settled status where the sun don’t shine and throw your insane Brexit in the fires of Hell where it belongs. Not moving on, never moving on! Is that clear? #SettledStatus#SettlementScheme

May be an image of 1 person and text that says "Michael Goulden @mikegoulden This is my mum, she's 83 and has got dementia. She met my dad 1962 when she worked for the British Army translator. My dad was the Royal Artillery. They moved back to England in late 1962 and got married. My sister was born in 1963 and was born in 1966. She worked"

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