The Corona Diaries – Day 462

What is the purpose of life?

Obviously friendship and sharing must be pretty high up on that list of purposes!! So I’m feeling very lucky!

A few days ago we met up with one of my old school friends and today we met up with one of my old college friends!! It’s so good! When you’ve known people for decades and have shared experiences it’s special. New friends can’t compete!!

Yet another great day of talking, sharing food and wine and and and England beat Germany 2-nil!!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland they have just discovered that good PPE works much better than shoddy PPE. A shame they didn’t realise that earlier when they were sending nurses and carers into covid wards with homemade protection! I remember them telling us that we didn’t need masks – they were unBritish. A lot of dead nurses later………………….

Lo and Behold – lots of kids are having to be sent home from school because cases are on the rise! They are thinking of not sending them home. Perhaps it would have been better not to have let the variant into the country in the first place?? Prevention is better than cure!! I’m sure a lot will join the 2 million suffering from organ damage and long covid.

But at least we have a new Minister for Health – Hopeless Hancock resigned!! Terrible news for Gaffe Meister Clown! That’s his fall guy gone!! Who is he going to blame now??

But at least Jolly Jarvid will continue the erosion and privatisation of the Health Service and I’m sure that our scarecrow can find some other sucker to blame the 128,000 deaths on!!

I heard yesterday that two close friends have gone down with covid. Fortunately they have had a double jab so aren’t very ill at all! Just shows! Without the jabs they might well be on a ventilator now!!

Stay safe – people will eventually see through this bunch of incompetent twats!!

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