The Corona Diaries – Day 461

It has been a gloomy day but not too cold. I’ve spent it clambering around a castle!! I like old things. We might not learn from history but it’s full of lessons and insight!! It’s people who are always the problem – particularly the greedy, the ambitious and those who lust for power.

The shame is that most people are gullible, easily manipulated, and keep voting these self-servers into positions of power – in government, business and institutions. Someone wanting to be in authority should automatically bar them from office!!

Wars, racism, gross inequality – the result of psychosis.

Politics is full of oxymorons (or is it just morons?) – like we vote in a billionaire to represent the poor!! How’s that work then? He makes $1.6 Billion while in office, gives billions in tax cuts for the most wealthy and his followers still think he’s working for them!

It’s an oxymoron for a moron by morons!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, a land ravaged by economic decline as our brave Brexiteering politicians desperately try to cut new ground-breaking, world-beating deals with the likes of Cape Verdi, the Solomon Islands and Uzbekistan, to replace the free trade we had flowing with our 27 closest wealthy neighbours, we are experiencing a big surge in new cases! Up to 23,000 new cases yesterday! It was only 11,000 last Monday!!

Fortunately the hospital admissions and deaths do not appear to be following anywhere near as sharply – cause for Joy among our Tory overlords! They look as if they are lucking out again!! Vaccinations has wrenched them from the jaws of disaster! Our clown in chief is still hoping to relax all covid restrictions in three weeks time!!

They’ll claim that 128,000 deaths was a success and entirely due to their tireless efforts! If I hear that the lazy, stupid bastards have been working around the clock to deal with the crisis once more, I shall explode! The truth is that they’ve been floundering around like headless chickens and if the scientists hadn’t pulled the bloodied carcass out of the fire by developing a vaccine half the country would now be dead!!

Jacinda Ardern shows what a good leader does! New Zealand!! Just nine new cases yesterday, no new deaths and just 26 deaths total!! And she’s not alone!

Our populist extremists have killed more than most of the world – if it wasn’t for the likes of Trump, Bolsonaro and Modi………………………

But – more by luck than judgement, we are emerging from the crisis. We must be approaching herd immunity soon!! We’re jabbing at a fantastic rate!! Good on you NHS!! We learnt today that a cocktail of different vaccines works even better!!

Now to deal with the whole world – then life will be back to normal!!
Stay Safe!!! The Tories love you!! (Well at least they love your money!!)

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