The Corona Diaries – Day 460

Today has been great – cloudy, raining at first, but giving way to a warm overcast late morning and afternoon. Ideal for a walk up the river. I’ve been photographing waterfalls, dippers and picturesque scenes. I like that. The house martins were swooping about snapping up insects and robins, chaffinches and great tits tried helping with our lunch.

Off to the cinema to see ‘The Father’ Heard good things!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland things are getting very weird, aren’t they? Mat Hancock actually resigned! I know! He’s a Tory! Who would have believed that??? None of the other bastards have gone when they’ve been caught with their fingers in the pie – especially not Boris!! It’s not the Tory way is it?? Lies? Criminality? Fraud? Sex scandals? Incompetence? Cronyism? Bullying? Rule breaking? – just brush it off! Tories can do what they like!!

The word is that it was a back bench revolt. Their phones and computers have been jammed up with indignant Tories protesting that they jolly well had to bury darling Cressida without a proper funeral, and dear old Imelda hasn’t had a hug for months!! They all jolly well followed the rules!! No hanky panky with the maid until Boris gives the all clear!!

Lo and behold – Stronger border measures could have prevented the Delta variant’s spread in the UK, Government scientist Prof Sir Peter Horby says!! Well that’s all a bit late!! I think some people knew this a year or more back!! Places like New Zealand implemented strong border control sixteen months ago!!!

I had a bit of a row today. Some cretin happened to say that nobody could have seen this covid coming. I had to put them right. This pandemic possibility was being talked about years ago. Obama gave a speech on it way back when he was President! The WHO warned about it. We’ve seen SARS, MERS, HIV, Ebola and others.

It is the government’s prime function to keep an eye open for these threats! The Tories even ran an exercise to test our preparedness for a pandemic. We failed.

This took off in November 2019. By Feb 2020 it was ravaging Europe. Still Johnson was complacently doing nothing. When he did start to panic he did all the wrong things!!

So yes – we could have seen it coming, should have seen it coming, did see it coming (but ignored it).

The reason it was so bad is because they are a bunch of useless dorks!!

So Oxford tries out a new vaccine against variants, quarantined women complain about sexual harassment from guards, The Prime Minister of Luxembourg goes down with Covid, Nissan puts hundreds on furlough, Brexit screws up trade, Our clown of a PM (the gaffe machine) is kept quiet where he will do no harm.

It’s just a normal day in Coronaland!

BTW – our resident clown will obviously keep a low profile – not only is it best for the country that he keeps his mouth shut rather than constantly putting his foot in it, but he wouldn’t want his antics with Jennifer Arcuri coming back to the fore – far too many similarities to Hancock – public money, official roles, sleaze and corruption!!

Johnson wouldn’t resign though would he? He’s too popular! He is forgiven everything!!

Stay safe!! Long Covid is only affecting a million or two!!

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