The Corona Diaries – Day 456

It’s been a great day today. We met up with an old friend from schooldays. We’ve been friends for 56 years! We spent the day going around Neolithic sites, talking, reminiscing, and laughing. We shared meals, had a glass or two of wine and shared the closeness.

Isn’t that what life’s all about?

Life is a strange thing. It is very odd the way the whole way your life pans out hangs on chance meetings, instances and events.

How different it all could have gone.

The thing we all three agreed was that we wouldn’t change a bit of it – good or bad!!

We are the result of the chance happenings that made us what we are and brought us to this point.

A great day.

Meanwhile – out in Coronaland, it is not quite so great. We still have a bunch of buffoons pretending to be a government. We still have a clown in charge and we still have an electorate that is stupidly in thrall to a bunch of incompetent idiots.

We had a discussion as to why. There was the view that a lot of people enjoy being serfs. They like to look up to this group of Tory elite as if they are superior and destined to rule us. Another group believe the propaganda pouring out of the tabloids and press. Another group think they are part of this elite or aspire to being part and a section are just racist and think that this mob support their views.

Sad and worrying!

Some people cannopt conceive of a pathway towards fairness and equality.

Meanwhile, we have a new variant now called Delta+. What is most worrying is th\at the government says they have it in hand!!

It’s probably a world-beating oven-ready, world leading variant that’s going to kill us all!!

Just as we are approaching herd immunity nature will throw up a curve ball!!

The UK has been told by Angela Merkel to bring in proper border controls!! Incredible!! Our morons never learn from past mistakes. The thing that has worked elsewhere – border controls – seems beyond them!!


Making money and creating silly slogans seems to be the only world-beating, oven-ready stuff they are capable of.

The populace voted for them. Now they must suffer the consequences.

Stay safe!! The Bullingdon Boys are in charge!!

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