The Corona Diaries – Day 454

Drizzly rain in Yorkshire, but I suppose that’s the price you pay for the greenness. It was quite warm though. I walked up my hill, saw very little and got very wet!

All the birds were quiet. I saw very little and went home.

I played some Leonard Cohen and Joni Mitchell and chilled out.

Meanwhile, out in coronaland more of the corruption and sleaze of this Tory scum comes to light.

Today it was revealed that six companies, all Tory donors, all received multimillion pound contracts for PPE (Totalling half a billion!!) despite having no expertise!! It’s all who you know!!

Our money is being splashed around their chums like water. They live in a different world!!

A teacher gets up at seven o clock. Gets into school in time to sort their form, take resister and attend briefing. Teaches for five hours (around 150 kids). Spends hours marking and then preparing lessons and puts in, on average, twelve hours a day for £27,000 a year.

An Amazon delivery driver zooms around the country, risking life and limb, delivering parcels, all hours, for £24,000.

One of Dido Harding’s 260 odd regional Track and Trace coordinators receive over £6000 a day! About £2 million a year!!

It’s who you know!!

Some Tory profiteers won contracts from Hancock, hived them out to Hong Kong and pocketed millions. Not bad for a few phone calls.

It’s who you know!!

This is our money!!

Who do you think is going to be paying for it??? Us!!

Look ahead to the years of cuts and austerity! Johnson’s already talking of cutting pensions!! It’ll be pay cuts for public servants, victimising of ‘scroungers’ and hell for the poor!!

The whole cost of Brexit and covid is going to land on the poor and it’s all going to be disguised.

Meanwhile, wealthy Tory donors will be stashing millions off-shore in their tax-free havens (loopholes still not blocked).

Well the Tories were voted in. This is what you get – division, inequality, sleaze and corruption!!

Covid is a smokescreen!!!

Stay safe!! We’re being screwed!!

PS – Where the hell is Starmer!????

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  1. Yes serves us f…..g right. And I keep hearing from various friends (are these simple folk still/really my friends!) that nobody could have done a better job.


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