The Corona Diaries – Day 453

It was a bit cooler today, cloudy and a bit of rain. Summer is here.

I’ve been playing some Led Zeppelin and clearing up the house. Boring stuff

I did my daily walk up my hill. The goldfinches were all on the telegraph wires singing. The buttercups were fading and the red and white clover was taking over. There was a great swathe of purple orchids. Fabulous.

It seems that my Harper book will be out on the 16th July. That’s great – less than 4 weeks away!! : opher goodwin

Meanwhile out in Coronaland Boris Johnson is probable planning how to kill off another hundred thousand people. While I was on my walk I was thinking of headlines!

BORIS KILLS 50,000 by driving people on to public transport.

BORIS KILLS 50,000 by letting Indian variant in.

BORIS KILLS 50,000 by forcing people back to the office.

BORIS KILLS 50,000 by bring in new Eat Out to Help Out scheme.

BORIS KILLS 50,000 by refusing to bring in any border controls.

I think the guy is trying to solve many problems:

Boris solves the problem in Care Homes – kills off all the inmates!

Boris solves unemployment – kills off surplus population!

Boris solves shortage of workers – kills off the poor!

I’m sure the media won’t go for them!!

Mad clown Johnson is presiding over 11,000 new cases a day. Thankfully the hospital rates are not rising in proportion and neither are the deaths. The chances are that the stupid plonker will get away with it. He let the variant in and still people are making excuses for the stupid fool. If I hear anybody say that the twat is doing the best he can I shall strangle them!! Jacinda is doing the best she can – New Zealand only has 36 deaths total. Boris Johnson presides over one of the worst in the world due to stupidity, ignorance and complacency. He needs locking up!!

What has saved him is mass vaccination. They’ve had a panic and are pulling out all the stops. The hope is that if they get above 70% of the population with 2 jabs they will achieve herd immunity and the tide will turn. One jab doesn’t do it – particularly with this horrid variant.

In Brazil Bolsonaro (One of Johnson and Trump’s populist mates) is presiding over 500,000 deaths. He refused to have a coordinated plan, didn’t back masks or social distancing and has undermined vaccination. He’s a worse idiot than Johnson!!

So stay safe!! Things could be worse!!

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