The Corona Diaries – Day 451 

The Corona Diaries – Day 451 

I set off early up my hill as we were going for the day to my daughter’s. It was cloudy and a bit colder than of late. As I set off down the lane I disturbed a couple of kestrels who were perching in a tree. They swooped off in different directions, one flew straight over my head. I could have reached up and touched it. Amazing. 

Nearing the top of the hill I spied a big dead body in the road – fresh road-kill. I hoped it was a large rabbit but soon saw that it wasn’t. The poor thing was a big beautiful buck hare, freshly hit with plenty of blood. So sad. 

I had to curtail my walk so we could get off! 

On the way to Yarm we drove through so amazing countryside. I just had to stop and take a few photos!! 

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the hospital cases have just doubled and the cases are doubling every seven days. We’re in the midst of a third wave and it’s not looking good. Too many people are thinking it’s all over. The roads are full, shops are full and people are meeting up indoors. It’s the wrong thing to do! There are a lot of unvaccinated people (young and antivaxxers) who are going to greatly regret this opening up. Some of them are going to die and a lot of them are going to get very ill and will suffer major organ damage and long covid. 

I just wonder, as this all goes pear-shaped, whether people will finally realise that this tosspot of a prime minister and his bunch of incompetent twats couldn’t organise a piss in a sewage farm. They’ve let the Indian variant in and it’s killing people!! 

Most of the severely ill are unvaccinated, some have only had one jab and only a few have been fully vaccinated. The vaccine is holding up well. 

What a bunch of nincompoops we’ve got in charge!!! But, hey, it’s been par for the course! They’ve been useless all the way through. It is beyond me what people see in this lazy clown. 

Stay safe!! The worst is yet to come!! 

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 451 

  1. “Tosspot” seems to be a remarkably mild epithet, compared with what Johnson and co deserve!

    But whoever told you that new cases are doubling every 7 days is winding you up. I’ve just got the latest figures from OWID, and they show that cases from peak to peak (the peak is usually a Friday, but last week the peak was on Thursday) have almost exactly quadrupled in 27 days from 21MAY to 17JUN. That’s a doubling every 13.5 days.

    And COVID hospital cases (measured by bed occupancy) certainly aren’t doubling. By my estimation, they have gone up 30% in the two weeks from 02JUN to 16JUN (the latest data I have). The latest figure of 1,251 is only 3.2% of the peak from back in January of 39,254. So it’s not quite as bad as you may think. But my prediction from last week, that Johnson wouldn’t have any idea what to do, seems to be borne out already. 🙂

    Anyway, I’ve just published the first of my six monster philosophical essays. Here: This one is really just setting the scene; the next one (on which I still have a lot of work to do) will be more interesting.

    1. Hopefully I’m going to get to your novel this week Neil!!
      The stuff on covid seems to vary depending on the source. Strange that. How unexpected. (I’m being cynically sarcastic).
      I’ll have a look at your essay soon!!

      1. BTW, your “More York Photos” has stayed at the top of your blog for two days at least. Made me think you weren’t writing any more!

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