The Corona Diaries – Day 450

I’m beginning to think I might be in lockdown forever!! Already forgetting what it was like not to be!! This is the new norm.

Today started with rain, continued cloudy and then is ending in sunshine!

That was probably a good thing. I’ve spent today putting finishing touches, checking the cover, writing captions to photos and doing last-minute alterations to my Harper book.

You think it’s done and then other bits crop up!! I think it is finally complete. I don’t think there is much more I can do. I’m knackered! I just hope that Roy feels I’ve done him justice and people enjoy it.

I feel incredibly privileged to be the first person to write a book about Roy. I cannot believe that 55 years have gone by with nobody doing a book about him – the best songwriter who has ever come from these shores!! It badly needed addressing.

While I’ve been working I’ve been playing some fabulous Velvet Underground. What a great band!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the madness continues!!

There is a feeling that the pandemic is over but it’s far from that! We’re in the grip of a big third wave. there were 11,000 new cases today. The virus is spreading exponentially – mainly through the unvaccinated and young – yet people are out and about as if everything is back to normal.

We’re far from normal!! The idiot government let the variant in because of their stupid lack of border controls – now we’re paying the price!!

Businesses are suffering. Covid debt is going through the roof and taking its toll on peoples’ mental health. People are in fear of being forced back to the office again while the epidemic is growing and their lives are at risk.

We already had the eat out to help out stupidity and the get back to the office or you’re sacked stupidity. This government never learns from its mistakes and might well repeat the whole thing all over again. We’re stuck in groundhog day.

Perhaps we need to take a long hard look at India?? The scenes out there are frightening – like a medieval plague scenario. Hundreds of bloated bodies are floating down the Ganges washed out of shallow graves or just dumped in the polluted river. The lethal post-covid black fungus is spreading.

It’s like a scene from a Bosch painting.

With this bunch of clowns in charge it could well happen here!!!

So our inept Bullingdon Boy nincompoops are making shabby deals with Australia to hoodwink the public – deals that add 0.02% to the economy. the new ‘Global Britain’ will need about 500 of those deals to make up for the loss of the EU. That ain’t gonna happen!!

So they play off Brexit and Covid to disguise their ineptitude on both!! Ever been conned?? Ever been lied too?? Ever been bamboozled??

If your answer to those questions is No then you don’t know what’s going on!!

This government is a disgusting bunch of lying, self-serving, corrupt con-artists!!

Their answer to their own stupidity of deliberately sparking off the third wave is to vaccinate the over 18s and make it compulsory for Care Workers to have the jab (something I actually agree with!). Next in line is the NHS (I agree with that too!).

But there wouldn’t have been the need if they had been competent and managed the borders properly!!

So as the tide of covid rises again, and people pretend it’s all back to normal in this ‘irreversible’ country of stupidity, we all have to use our own intelligence. It’s no good relying on these twerps!!

Stay safe!!

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