The Corona Diaries – Day 448

Another great day in Yorkshire! The sun was shining and I got the recliner out to read in the garden 2with a glass of prosecco!! I didn’t realise how pretentious I’ve become!!!

I’m reading Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro and greatly enjoying it!!

I’ve also been doing some editing. I received the final proof for the Roy Harper book. I have to check through it all, make any amendments and get it back pronto! Exciting stuff! Hopefully it will be out in July!!

I walked up my hill, did some strimming and enjoyed the weather!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our slimy politicians continue to lie and refuse to take the blame for allowing the Indian variant to rampage through the country.

I have to listen to our clown saying it is all irreversible!! The MORON!!! Everything is reversible!! If we get a new variant that causes mass deaths and is highly virulent he will have to put us back in lockdown!! He’ll have no choice!! The man’s an idiot!!

The good news is that the variant does not seem to be greatly putting up hospital admissions and deaths despite infecting 7-8000 a day! All adults are being asked to vaccinate so we should be getting near to herd immunity by now! There is, of course, a delay. The first jab gives a little immunity and the second gives much better, so even if they vaccinate everyone today and give the second jab in eight weeks it will still be ten weeks away before their immunity is there! That takes it to the end of August!!

On the positive side we might get to open up fully by the end of July if the hospital admissions and deaths don’t go up radically.

On the negative side we have the BLACK FUNGUS. Yes we have not only imported the Indian variant; it appears that we might actually have the deadly black fungus too!! It never rains!!

Our clown has announced a great deal with Australia!! It seems that it is brilliant to move stuff from one end of the globe to the other – much better than just twenty miles across the channel!! It may bugger all our farmers, mean that we eat poor quality meat and destroy acres of tropical rainforest to produce it. It might cause more carbon release moving this stuff around. It might mean only a 0.02% difference to the economy. But hey, it’s the start! We’ve got a great deal brewing with Tahiti! We can get a great deal for penguins with the Falklands!!

It’s all going to be worth the hundreds of billions it cost!! And we get to be incompetently bossed about by a bunch of Eton toffs instead of the EU!! Yipeeee!!! Don’y you just love those Bullingdon boys!! They have just the right degree of arrogance, privilege and superiority!!

So all is looking great in Coronaland. Dido Harding, having messed up Track and Trace, is obviously in need of promotion! They’ll give her the NHS to fuck up so they can sell that off to their chums!!

All going great!! Despite the lies, cronyism, illegality, incompetence and looking like a scarecrow that’s been dragged backward through a dung heap our obese leader is still 12 points clear in the polls!!

Incredible!! I’m living in a country of fools. I think the virus has addled brains!!

I’m off!! Stay safe!!

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