The Corona Diaries – Day 447

It’s a warm cloudy day in Yorkshire. I’ve been painting, editing, mowing and watching football!! For entertainment I’ve been playing some Yardbirds. Great stuff!!

I’m about to set off on my daily walk!!

I’m back from my walk – a bit chillier than of late. I did see my kestrel fly by and one of my red kites flying off into the distance. I took my camera in order to get some shots of what the council has done to the verges. Where a few days ago I was watching stoats playing in the road there is now a devastated verge. I’m fuming. I took photos so that I could write to the council. I’ll let you see what I write!! I promise to be diplomatic (my wife’s not sure I’m capable of that!).

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the travesty just gets bigger. Not only has our resident clown’s poor decisions created one of the worst death-rates in the world (per million population) as well as one of the worst hit economies, he doesn’t seem to learn from his mistakes!!

I thought it might be a good idea to have a little look around the world.

Biden seems to have got on top of the virus – just 8,314 new cases yesterday with only 101 deaths.

Bolsonaro, showing off on his motorbike, is still presiding over a disaster. There were over 50,000 new cases yesterday with another 1,129 deaths. These populists are a complete set of useless fools (I include Trump, Johnson, Erdogan and Modi along with Bolsonaro). Complete dorks.

New Zealand had just 1 new case and no deaths – only 26 recorded deaths in the whole pandemic – makes our 128,00 look pathetic.

Vietnam has had a surge but is coping well. They had 293 new cases yesterday but no deaths. Fortunately they don’t have Dido Harding in charge of Test and Trace.

India is still a disaster – 70,421 new cases with another 3,921 reported deaths (Boris Johnson is probably importing them to pick our vegetables and fruit!).

Here in the UK our rates are rising – 7,319 new cases yesterday – nearly all the Indian variant. Johnson has pulled the plug on reopening for another four weeks – catastrophe for music and theatre!! All due to his stupidity in allowing all those hundreds of thousands into the country from India for a full four weeks!!

Not to worry – he may be a twerp; he may be a complete nincompoop, he may be a clown, a liar and POPULIST INCOMPETENT FOOL – but you are still going to vote for him.

Despite ruining the economy, killing 128,000 people and being a total idiot you are still backing him. He is currently 11 points clear in the polls.


The British electorate are bigger fools than Boris Johnson!! That’s really saying something!!

It’s the same as the US where that complete imbecile Trump is still believed!!

Democracy?? We’re giving the vote to a bunch of ignorant fools!!

Stay safe!! I’ve had enough!!

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