The Corona Diaries – Day 446

Very warm and cloudy today in Yorkshire! A nice breeze!

I stayed in this morning editing the Roy Harper book and then took a late morning walk up my hill. I think the world is being taken over by crows and pigeons – in fact anything that thrives off humans! But it was nice to see warblers, siskins and tits in the hedgerows.

It leaves me fuming when I walk up the hill with all these mowed verges though! There is so little natural habitat left for wild animals. The sanitised fields are deadly with poisonous chemicals. All they have are the hedgerows and verges – and they can’t leave them alone! Where are the insects going to live? Without them there are no swallows, swifts, shrews and hedgehogs. Without the seeds there are no mice and voles. Without the mice and voles there are no owls, kestrels and kites!! It’s all very sad!

Back home I watched England notch up a win. Only 1-0 but they looked good. I think they’ve got another gear or two! Should go some way into the competition!

After the football I painted a couple of doors!! Shortly I’ll go back to the editing!!

Meanwhile out in Coronaland our bumpkin clown of a disheveled leader looks like a complete blundering fool at the G7. He’s an embarrassment. What must the world think?? From Disraeli to Johnson! We’ve slipped a long way down – and are descending at a faster and faster rate under this moron. As firms zoom off abroad to trade with the EU without tariffs or red-tape we’re left with low-paid rubbish jobs. The labour force from the EU, who did all the low-paid vegetable picking, care homes and restaurant-work are no longer coming. Instead we are bringing in people from Africa and India as the erks who voted Brexit refuse to take such low-paid work – they’d rather be on the dole.

So far Brexit has messed up fishermen, farmers, the poor, Wetherspoons and musicians (who can no longer travel to Europe). That’s most of the people who voted for it! It’s OK people like like Rees-Mogg made millions!!

Meanwhile the level of racism and division is ramped up and we make trade deals that are worse than the ones we had before! Well done Johnson!! You made a small number of Tory big-wigs very rich and a huge number of poor people a great deal poorer!!

We’re back into austerity and cuts for public servants and the poor (not bankers and the wealthy though). It’s all hidden up in the huge damage covid has done to the economy and disguised by massive borrowing!!

The clown’s disastrous border policy – described by the Mirror as reckless – described by me as bonkers and insane – which allowed hundreds of thousands into the country from India, and has ended up putting us in serious trouble, – is directly responsible for this wave of new cases and deaths.

If it was one of my loved ones dying I’d want to drag the incompetent fool through the courts and have him locked up for murder!!

The Indian variant (that they want to rename so that they can sneak away from their incredible blunder and not take responsibility – as usual) is doubling every nine days. In a months time there could be 100,000 cases a day!! The NHS could be overrun. Opening up could be a disaster and create a fourth wave that would be worse that before one SAGE adviser has said. Cornwall levels have just gone up 900% because of the G7 and people going into the area.

We have cases now running at over 8000 a day, hospital admissions up 15% and a rising death-rate. It’s hard to get other data because they do not want us to know. The fear is that a lot of young people will get it. They might require hospital treatment but are unlikely to die. A lot of them might well develop long covid and find that their hearts, lungs, brain, liver and kidneys are damaged for life!!


I noticed on the BBC interview that he avoided answering any questions on his ludicrous border policy! HE didn’t even get a trade deal with India – just messed up thousands of us!!

So, it remains to be seen whether they’ll put off opening up the country (probably delay it for a month or two) and put thousands of people out of work! All because of Johnson’s stupidity!

I bet you’re glad you voted for the clown!!

Stay safe!! I’m off to edit!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 446

  1. Opher, I’ve just updated my UK COVID spreadsheet – the figures there are from Our World in Data, they’re as good as you’re going to get. I’ll e-mail it to you in a few minutes.

    I think to say that cases have been “doubling every 9 days” is over-egging the pudding a bit. There is a weekly reporting cycle; when cases are increasing, they tend to peak on Fridays, go down over the week-end, then go up again. To get round this, my case growth graph (in Sheet2) looks at cases centrally averaged over 7 days, then compares those with the same thing from a week before. That graph shows a recent (since mid May) case growth of mostly about 50 per cent per week. If you look at the raw cases data (Column C in Sheet1) you’ll see what has been happening. Hospital bed occupancy (column M) and ICU occupancy (column K) are also of interest. They are currently only 2.8% and 3.9% respectively of their peak values in late January/early February, so no immediate cause for worry. And if the death rates (column E) are rising, they are doing so very slowly.

    My best guess is that Johnson is caught between devil and deep blue sea. SAGE, I’m sure, will be advising him to lock down again – that’s their knee-jerk response to everything. I expect that senior members of his party will be telling him exactly the opposite; if he locks down again, he (and they) will lose the last straw of any credibility or popularity they have ever had. I suspect he will probably just extend, and extend, and extend the current stalemate until either he is forced to lock down again, or people wake up and say “where did our holidays go?” Either way, I think, he will be toast before the end of the year.

    1. I’ll look forward to that Neil!! I hope you are right about Johnson being toast!! He is utterly incompetent. Should never have let those hundreds of thousands back into the country carrying the variant. If there is one thing we’ve learnt it is that border controls are essential. For four weeks, while the variant was ravaging India, he allowed the airports to operate without restriction. Nuts!!
      I’m reading through the proofs on my Harper book. It’s proving quite difficult.

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