The Corona Diaries – Day 444

444 – well that’s nice and symmetrical. Who would have believed that!

It was warm again today – mainly cloudy but warm. We went over to see friends and take a 12 kilometer walk near Stamford Bridge, by the side of the river, then along the buttercup meadows in yellow carpets, the white hedge parley, nettles and into the fields with patches of blue speedwell! Fabulous. There were many damsel flies – electric blue and luminous green, a frog, butterflies and a drinker moth caterpillar!! Love it! There is still some vestige of nature to be found in our green and heavily manicured land. The fields are more industrialised than the factories!!

After a very pleasant meal, a glass or two of wine and some chat we returned home.

Here, in the grip of Coronaland, we live in an ever more weird world. Here the truth is distorted, history is rewritten and hypocrisy rules.

Today Johnson lectured the G7 on the mistakes that have been made with coronavirus as if they were as guilty as him! Unbelievable!! As the country with the most deaths and economic damage he has a nerve!! Learn mistakes??? He’s still making the same mistakes that he made at the beginning!! Complacency, dithering. Acting too slowly. Our borders are still porous. Our Test and Trace useless. We’re chucking money at Tory Donors right left and centre.

Johnson then went on to incredibly lecture the G7 about levelling up and rebuilding better!! Does he think we are all idiots?? By levelling up does he mean throwing out multimillion pound contracts to cronies while denying nurses and teachers a pay rise?? Is this levelling up?? I don’t see it?? Are the bankers having a pay freeze or losing bonuses?? Levelling up in Tory terms – what does that mean exactly?? Are those at the bottom gaining anything??? Are those at the top losing anything?? No.

This clown has become so arrogant he thinks that if he says it people will believe him.

The sad thing is that these fools do! That is why these clowns are 14% up in the polls.

Rebuilding better?? What does that mean?? Using Tory donor money to redecorate his flat??

This is the man who had £27,000 of take-aways (I don’t think these take-aways were McDonald – that would be a hell of an amount of big macs!) in 3 months – with the bill picked up by a Tory donor.

What does he spend his huge income on? Is it child maintenance? He claims that he can’t live on an income of £400,000 a year when he has everything paid for by others!! How does he think the rest of us manage??

A bit of levelling up would be much appreciated. A set of lying words isn’t!!

So the government commits criminal acts, is found to regularly lie, breaks international law and goes back on trade agreements that they signed up to only a few months before. Nobody is held to account. There are no resignations. Nobody cares.

It feels like Trump all over again!

Not so long ago we were locking up MPs for fiddling a few thousand on their expenses. This lot are bundling off billions to their chums and that is alright!!

I give up.

I think the country is a brainwashed bunch of fools!!

So today there were 8100 new cases – fueled by the Indian variant that Johnson careless let into the country. Young people are going down with it and requiring hospital treatment. It is more contagious and much nastier. The death rate is rising. People have ruined lives because of long covid. Is Johnson going to be held to account for his ineptitude?

Northern Ireland is melting down because of Johnson’s lies. We have lousy trade deals with places like Australia to replace good ones with the EU.

The fishing industry and farming are being screwed. We’ve got mounds of red tape, tariffs and restrictions. Costs are soaring. Jobs are going. The UK is breaking up. We are being taken to court for lying, breaking the law and reneging by our neighbours. But Tory donors and profiteers are making millions!!

We have racist booing at football matches because racism and xenophobia is now OK and has been empowered by Johnson!!

When the fuck are people going to wake up???

This is the new Brexit Coronaland – a land of small-minded racists, grabbing profiteers and the gullible brainwashed!!

Stay safe!! Wash your hands! I’m washing my hands of it all!!

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