The Corona Diaries – Day 443

I had to go to the dentist today to have a filling. I’m still a bit numb!! I listened to a bit of Grateful Dead and read a little while it wore off.

It’s been a cloudy day but very warm.

I walked up my hill feeling a bit jaded and tired. Maybe it’s the heat? One of the kites was flying over the copse, hovering, seeking a meal. I was hoping it’s mate was on the nest!

I still haven’t been able to identify the white and yellow bird we saw yesterday. I’m thinking it might have been a wood warbler.

It was depressing to walk along the lane with the beautiful flowers all mown. I’ve put in one complaint to the council. I’ll do another shortly.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland I reckon a few complaints are in order. Both Gove and Hancock have been found guilty of criminal acts. Now Hancock obfuscates to MPs. Johnson even pardons himself. I wonder what Biden will say to him over his lies and mismanagement of Brexit.

Johnson says that he will be driven by the data – so that means he’s going to ignore the scientists and do what he likes. Look out for more stupidity.

Despite having 50% of the adult population fully vaccinated we still have 7,540 new cases yesterday and scientists say there’s a third wave coming. We need 80% to get to herd immunity! We’ll see.

Right now hospital cases are going up – 1027 right now – but they are mainly younger and need less care. So that’s good.

The major worry is long covid – with over 400,000+ suffering from long covid – and some estimates claiming up to a million!! New figures suggest one million people suffering with symptoms of long Covid; ITV News That’s worrying.

Stay safe!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 443

  1. my son suffers from long covid. docs now say his heart is “enlarged”. he’s constantly fatigued. he may have respiratory problems as well. covid is no walk in the park, even for someone healthy.

    1. No – I think we have been obsessed with the death rates and have not seen the large number of people badly affected. I hope your son recovers! Not nice at all.

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