The Corona Diaries – Day 435

The day started cold with a covering of cloud and a breeze in off the North Sea. These sea frets are annoying. It had burnt off by lunchtime and has been warm all afternoon.

This morning I did some more editing and listened to Randy Newman!

We went on a thirteen kilometer walk into Driffield. It felt longer! People are still wearing masks and social distancing although the town was busy and people were sitting out in the pubs and cafes.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland it’s all a bit rollercoastery. For the first time since the start of the pandemic we had no deaths. But the cases are still rising, above 3000, and appearing all over the country. The Track and Trace has failed to contain them. The hospital admissions are also going up. Usually the deaths follow in a couple of weeks.

We’ll see. It is being reported that the people going down with it are young – in their teens and twenties. The virus is much more virulent and is spreading much easier. But the young are not so likely to get the disease very seriously.

There are various debates:

Should they just let it rip and allow the young to get the disease?

Should they vaccinate the young?

The fear is that if the third wave storms through the antivaxxers and vulnerable will inevitably catch it. Shielding will not be effective. But, for the most part, that’s their decision.

They are holding off from making a decision what to do on the 21st of June. They were going to open up completely but the Indian variant is proving difficult. It’s creating a third wave.

If they don’t open up Johnson is terrified that it’ll rebound on him. He was the fool who failed to put India into the red zone and thus allowed the Indian variant to rip. He’s also the fool who appointed Dido Harding and spaffed £37 billion up the wall. People will start asking questions!

We need people to ask questions!

We need people to wake up to what an incompetent fool Johnson has been!!

An experiment in Brazil has demonstrated the effectiveness of the vaccine. A town had 75% of its population vaccinated. Deaths nosedived! That’s one in the nose for Bolsonaro who was idiotically telling people it would change them into crocodiles. I’m surprised he didn’t suggest flooding the Amazon with bleach!

Anyway – Stay safe! We’ve survived another day!!

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