The Corona Diaries Day 434

Well after the bustle of last week and full day yesterday it was back to normal today. We slipped back into the covid routine. I spent the morning playing music and carrying out my last read through and tweaking of my Sci-fi novel. In the afternoon it was more editing and a walk up my hill. I’m maintaining my consecutive walks – I’m not sure if 434 walks is doing me a great deal of good or simply wearing out my joints at a faster rate! I am beginning to suspect the latter.

It’s been a strange day weather-wise. Cloudy all morning and sunshine all afternoon but with the return of that cold air. I was expecting more heat. Maybe tomorrow. The one thing about these walks that has been fabulous is getting close to nature. The hedgerows and land either side of the road are a mass of wild flowers. Different to last year. The cold has kept many things back. The Lords and Ladies have suffered but the red campion is doing wonderfully!

I took great pleasure in watching the swallows (just a pair) scooting along the hedgerows and swooping low over the fields in search of insects.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland, I imagine Johnson is panicking again. His incompetence has allowed the Indian variant in and now it is taking off. He’s promised that we come out of lockdown on the 21st. If we don’t he knows he is going to have to answer and a lot of people will be asking questions – like why did the fool not put India on the red list four weeks earlier?? Why did he allow thousands of Indians into the country without quarantine??

Of course, if he manages to contain it in time and open up he’s hoping that all that ineptitude will be forgotten. I bet he’s wishing he’d put the Track and Trace out to tender and appointed competent people instead of Tory sycophants! Dido Harding is as much use as a turd on your pudding.

If the number of new cases continue to rise, followed by the number of hospital admissions and deaths, it might just rebound on him.

He’s led a charmed life. It’s been a string of incompetence but somehow (because of the vaccine) he’s got out of it unscathed.

I’m hoping that will change. The bumbling buffoon is a liability. He’s needlessly killed tens of thousands.

People need to wake up!!! This fool is very dangerous and gets away with murder! It’s the way of populists. They just say what people want to hear, make it up, lie and when things don’t turn out the way they said they blame it on other people.

Only fools believe these people – the trouble is that the country is full of fools!!

How long can he continue to get away with it? Surely the stupidity will penetrate the public consciousness soon?

Now, as we head into a third wave and the unvaccinated go down with the disease, there is a mad dash to get everyone vaccinated. That’s not health driven. That’s politics. He needs to come out on the 21st and is pulling out the stops whatever the cost.

There are some good signs among the rubbish; the vaccines are standing up against the variant; the main group unvaccinated are the young and they should be less likely to die.

Perhaps, if the hospitals aren’t too stretched and it’s only the antivaxxers dying, they’ll be a change of government planning. Maybe they’ll go for herd immunity again? Perhaps, instead of chucking the elderly under the bus, like last time, they’ll chuck the antivaxxers under the bus and blame them for causing the problem? Seems likely to me. Johnson doesn’t really care how many he kills as long as he keeps his job! LET THE BODIES PILE UP!!

Good luck with the 3rd Wave!!! Stay Safe!!

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  1. Here in LA, and all over the US, we’re unmasking and opening up. So far no surges, not even in Texas and Mississippi. Overall, nearly ALL nations and gov t’s have effed up, due to politics plus the regular incompetence. And the virus keeps mutating and coming back.

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