The Corona Diaries – Day 429

A rainy morning followed by a cloudy afternoon. My younger son and his girlfriend were still here so we took off to York. We had lunch by the river, walked around and went into a pub roof terrace (a dreary cubbyhole on the roof!) for a pint. We sat out on the street at another pub and watched the world go by as we talked.

We saw some strange sights! People are strange! Some dressed up to the nines in he weirdest costumes and face-paint – others shabby and dour. Girls tottering around on stilettos with handkerchiefs as dresses and faces made into masks, a lot of very overweight people in skimpy costumes, guys with strange haircuts and tattoos. There’s a ritual going on!!

It felt strange to be seeing so many people out and about. Apart from wearing masks to go inside and the way most people gave you a bit of room you’d think it was back to normal. Didn’t see a single body in the streets or any handcarts loaded with bodies pulled along by a monk with a big bell!

I went home and listened to Dominic Cummings. He’s a Slithy Tove and did gyre and gimble all over Johnson!

Much as I detest Cummings, the lying Gollum, and all the lies and slogans he thought up in order to get Johnson elected and Brexit done I agreed with the picture he painted of the lazy, self-serving clown we have as a Prime Minister. Through the whole pandemic I have been watching Johnson’s ineptitude – complacency and foolishness, following Trump in making light of it, followed by panic, dithering, floundering and then throwing money at useless projects (To all his chums), the sleaze, corruption and chaos. The lies and stupid cheerleading did not fool me. I have watched for years as this arrogant overprivileged yob pretended to be a cheery friend to the poor and conned his way up the slippery pole. But the twerp has managed to fool a good section of the population!

We watched some Footie and Henry and girlfriend went off to visit their brother.

So, is this the end of Isolation? Is the pandemic beaten? It certainly looks it. Unfortunately it isn’t.

80-90% of adults over the age of 40 have been successfully vaccinated.

Covid vaccine: How many people in the UK have been vaccinated so far? – BBC News

The vaccine seems to work against the variants.

All good.

Unfortunately, as we have seen, as the country opens up it is the young who are out tottering about on their heels, or swaggering with their tats, out drinking, clubbing, on the pull, meeting up with friends, hugging. These are the ones who will be spreading the virus.

The variants are more virulent against young people. There could be a big wave of new hospital cases in the young. More crucially perhaps, they will spread the disease to the vulnerable older antivaxxers – that 10-20% who refused or could not have the vaccine. They become more vulnerable the more we open up.

I predict the numbers of cases will increase, hospital entries will go up and the death rate will zoom!


It ain’t over yet!

Even with the security of two jabs I am taking care – not going indoors, not meeting too many people and social distancing. I’ll believe it’s over when it’s over!

Stay Safe!!

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