Tens Of Thousands Died Needlessly!! How The Government Failed Us When We needed it Most – Part 1

I have been studying the Pandemic in detail and the way this inept government has mishandled it! It is not by chance that you find yourself with none of the worst death rates in the world along with one of the worst hit economies – that is the result of incompetence!

Dominic Cummings is an evil little shit who is directly responsible for the lies and slogans that have resulted in both the disaster of Brexit (costing us tens and tens of billions and screwing the country) and the election of this prime goon as our Prime Minister (making us a laughing stock around the world). But what Cummings has revealed completely resonates with what I have been observing over the course of the last year and a half!

This fool of a Prime Minister is directly responsible for the needless deaths of tens of thousands of people! He and his heinous inept bunch of Eton twerps, need taking to account!

Let us look at what has been revealed:

This saga of ineptitude begins with the whole Tory philosophy.

This is that philosophy in a nutshell:

What counts is money. The wealth producers are the only important people. We give to the rich and protect their wealth. We give as little to the poor and public servants as we can get away with.

For a decade (under the guise of dealing with the economic crash – we’re all in it together) we had tax cuts for the rich and a decade of austerity for the poor with cuts for public services.

The result was that the NHS was cut to the bone and had no resources or preparedness to deal with a pandemic.

The 2017 Cygnus exercise and report highlighted our deficiencies and was conveniently ignore by the Tory government – hence we were unprepared for a pandemic.

We knew a pandemic was bound to come. Obama gave a big speech about it in 2014 – Hear what Barack Obama said in 2014 about pandemics – CNN Video

In 2018 the WHO released information on 10 deadly viruses that could result in a lethal pandemic:

10 infectious diseases that could be the next pandemic | Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance

The Tory government ignored the warnings and were unprepaed.

I hear people saying ‘Nobody could have seen this coming’. Yes we could.

I expect a government to prepare for all potential lethal situations: war, tsunami, asteroid strike, terrorist attack, flooding, drought, disease. I don’t need to know about it. I don’t need to understand it. I just need to know that somewhere in Whitehall there is contingency planning for catastrophe and when it happens, as it will, we have a plan of action to deal with it.

The prime job of the government is to protect us!!

November 2019.

The virus started up in Wuhan China. The WHO were aware. We were aware. We ignored it. China downplayed it and covered it up. The WHO were too complacent.

Who was to blame? – The Chinese, the WHO and US!

Boris Johnson was completely absorbed with Brexit and getting elected. He was oblivious – but somewhere in Whitehall a department was monitoring and passing memos.

Government ignored them.

The Governments prime job is to protect us! They failed! They ignored the warnings and were unprepared!

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