The Glorious Future!

We were told it was going to be a glorious future. We would save billions! The NHS would finally be funded properly!

The EU was holding us back from lucrative deals with the rest of the world!

We threw out decades of cooperation and friendship.

We were told about wonderful ready-made deals, world-beating futures and a glorious future.

We were told that the Union was safe.

We were warned that all the warnings were project fear.

Well trade has gone through the floor, the oven-ready deals were not there, the union is breaking up, Project Fear is becoming Project Reality.

Our fishing and farming is in ruins.

Great stuff Cummings and Johnson. But at least all your mates made a lot of money out of it!!

We’re looking forward to hormone-rich beef and chlorine-soaked chicken!

The Tories are taking control of the BBC, they own the papers, they are changing the boundaries – and they think they can get the British Public to believe anything!!

The saddest thing is that they are probably right!

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