Dominic Cummings – finally telling the truth

I do love Chris Riddell! Thanks John Peachey for sending them through.

There is a great irony in Dominic Cummings. He’s like a jilted lover. His lies are what powered Brexit and propelled Johnson to the Prime Ministership. Will he now gain his revenge by telling the truth?

He was the one who cooked up all the lies about the oven-ready deals that turned out neither to be world-beating nor oven-ready. He was the one who lied about the £350,000 on the side of the bus and stoked up the xenophobia and racism with scare stories of terrorists, five million Turks and being swamped with Eastern Europeans. He was the one who created Project Fear and had all the sane Tories kicked out.

The man was the mastermind behind a right-wing coup that has put Britain in a very dire situation.

Now the man has the inside information on the sleaze and incompetent that is the very centre of Johnson’s corrupt regime! Will he spill the beans??

Instead of spinning lies will Cummings seek revenge by telling the truth for once??

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