The Corona Diaries – Day 423

It is a dour day in Yorkshire. I started out on my daily walk up my hill. The sky was leaden and there was a stiff breeze. The strange thing is that yesterday it was blowing from the north and yet was quite warm. Today it has completely reversed and is blowing from the south and is a few degrees colder. Weird.

The birds weren’t singing, the insects weren’t flying, everything was hunkering down. Even the chickens at the chicken farm were clustered around the doors and not venturing out.

It was spitting with rain when I got home and this afternoon it’s been pouring.

I’m not that fond of cold, wet miserable days!!

I stayed in and played Roy Harper’s Stormcock – it was released in May 1971 – fifty years ago. That does not seem possible. The album is as immaculate as it ever was and hasn’t dated at all. Superb.

I am now trying to do some editing but I’m finding it a little hard to focus. I’m tired!! I could do with a nap!!

Meanwhile out in Coronaland the clarity of message continues on the same level – nobody has a clue what they are meant to be doing – least of all the government.

Now they’ve let the Indian variant in and allowed it to become established they are shitting themselves. There were 3000 new cases – an increase of 28% since Monday. That’s a lot.

It has spread all over the country but is concentrated, with rapid rises in Bolton, Blackburn and Burnley. Boris Johnson has his finger on the pulse and tells everyone not to live in towns or cities whose name starts with the letter B. This is the best they can come up with.

I think it’s only fair that we have the Indian Variant – after all, we exported our Kent variant which has caused havoc all over the world and sparked third waves in Europe and the USA!

We’re probably taking extra cases on holiday with us. We’ve packed the Kent variant along with the new Indian variant and are flying off to all those love green and amber countries to infect everyone there!! Fabulous!

Of course, if you do go to an amber country you have to isolate for two weeks after you return (following a period of milling about in large numbers in airports so you can mix freely with those from red zone countries – just in case you haven’t yet got it or need to pass it on!). While isolating you can expect a knock on your door from Priti Patel!! A scary thought!! She’s checking that you are not cheating!

The rapid spread of the Indian Variant has once again highlighted the complete failure of our Track and Trace system. Surely the policy of giving contracts to Tory donors is not a flawed model? It couldn’t be possible that there might just be competent people out there?

Dominic Cummings talks of complete chaos in Whitehall and a torrent of lies!! Sounds about right! He’s a nasty little creep. He made up most of those lies that Johnson spouted – so he should know!

But poor Dido Harding has only spaffed £37 billion up the wall. You can’t expect to run something like that on a shoestring, can you?

Never mind, I’m sure Boris has another oven-ready plan that is thoroughly world-beating up his sleeve.

Perhaps all these people going off to green, amber and red zone countries aren’t going off on holiday after all? Perhaps they are getting out while they can?

Once again the news is consistent.

One school is warning of a new third wave that is going to be as devastating as the second! We’ll all be locked down!

Another school is saying don’t panic – the hospital admissions and deaths aren’t going up. The vaccines are working!

Who to believe? Well one thing is certain – don’t listen to the clown! He hasn’t got a clue!

I’m optimistic! I think we are approaching population immunity!! I think the vaccines are proving incredibly effective – even against the variants.

The only people who need to worry are those who are not vaccinated – and that’s their choice!

I’m fully vaccinated – I’m planning a holiday abroad!! Stay Safe!!