The Corona Diaries – Day 418

It was meant to be a very dull cold cloudy day today but in actual fact was warmer than expected, sunny in parts and had a warm breeze. A bonus. Good for a walk up the hill and good for nature too from the look of things.

The red campion was now in full flower in swathes, the bluebells were in full swing as were the deadnettles. Along with the yellow dandelions and celandine they made for a great backdrop.

It was good to see our apple tree in blossom (a wild one on our walk that produces really tasty acid apples).

The swallows were scooting around after the flies and a stoat ran out in front of us.

Nature always makes me feel good!

Back home I completed the third rewrite/edit of my Sci-fi novel – The Pornography Wars – and listened to some great JJ Cale.

All told it’s shaping up to be a good day!!

Meanwhile out in Coronaland if anybody was in any doubt that we are being governed by twerps they only have to look at the Indian variant.


We still have the same stupid complacency and dithering followed by disaster and panic.

For three weeks they failed to put India on the red list and allowed thousands to flee the mayhem and tragedy in India to bring the dangerous Indian variant back into the UK.


I would have thought so. An idiot could see the connection, couldn’t they?

Now let me see – you have a country ravaged by a new variant. Tens, possibly hundreds, of thousands are dying – including the young. The scenes are horrific. The new variant is extremely virulent. It is hospitalising and killing younger people. It is killing vaccinated people. It is completely out of control with half a million new cases a day. It has overwhelmed the health service. Undertakers can’t keep up. Funeral pyres are burning round the clock with scenes that look as is they are out of a Hieronymus Bosch painting.

So what do you do?

Do you:

a. Ignore it and allow thousands of people carrying the virus to enter the country without checks?

b. Immediately put it on the red list and quarantine everybody coming in.

Well, what do you know. Despite all that advice from top experts they once again dithered around and selected option A.

Lo and behold, suddenly the country has raging Indian variants springing up all over the place and spreading rapidly.

Gosh – who could have predicted that???

Well I think any moron could!! It’s not rocket science!!

On the radio I was listening to some retired GP living in France defending Johnson and saying that the clown had not made mistakes. What a cretin!!!

Off the top of my head I can list a whole series of mistakes our resident clown has made:

  1. Failed to take note of Cygnus report on pandemics (called by the Tories)
  2. Failed to prepare for a pandemic
  3. Failed to take note of what was going on in China in Nov 2019
  4. Failed to take note of what was going on in Italy and Spain in Feb 2020
  5. Failed to stock PPE, ventilators and chemicals for testing
  6. Ran down the NHS to breaking point
  7. Failed to bring in Lockdown early enough
  8. Failed to close borders
  9. Chucked out untested elderly from NHS back into Care Homes – creating mass deaths
  10. Went around shaking hands
  11. Failed to bring in masks early enough
  12. Baloney about world-beating app set up with multimillion pound contract to crony
  13. Set up useless Test and Track with crony Dido Harding instead of using NHS
  14. Vast amount of money spent on PPE – again to cronies instead of proper companies
  15. Other contracts set up without any tendering to cronies resulting in expensive and useless results
  16. Eat out to help out – resulting in second wave
  17. Back to the office – contributing to second wave
  18. Disappearing and not giving clear instructions.

Marks out of ten??? 0

He’s been a complete disaster which is why we have 128,000 deaths!! Are people to stupid to see that??

Roll on the enquiry – though it will probably be too late and a whitewash!!

The only thing he got right was the vaccination – and that’s because he gave it to the NHS and not Dido Harding!!

The doctor was saying that we critics could not have done it better!!!! WRONG!!!

I expect a Prime Minister to be of a higher calibre than your average man/woman on the street. They have a huge team of experts and advisers to back them up. They have information coming in from around the world. The have the WHO. They have supposedly made plans for a pandemic (it is not as if it hasn’t been forecast).


It even sounds as if, having put India on the read list, they are making a complete mess of that!! Has he put Dido Harding in charge of that too?

People are flying in from India. They have spent many hours in close proximity to each other. Instead of being fast-tracked straight through into quarantine and segregated they have been kept waiting for hours packed in together. They have mixed with passengers from green zone countries.


It isn’t as if airports are running on maximum levels is it?

Surely segregation and separation is of the utmost importance??

If one person on that flight has covid then many more will be infected by the way this has been handled. By the time they go off to quarantine they could have infected other people who are not quarantining.


Who is in charge of all this? Why isn’t it organised properly?

Now we have a mad panic as the variant rages out of control – they are trying to throw mass vaccination and testing at it!!

Horse, lock door and bolted come to mind!!


Of course, Johnson has another oven-ready solution and world-beating answer!!! NOT!!!!!

Take care – I’m off to watch some footie!! Stay Safe!!

4 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 418

  1. Opher, I don’t see any “Indian variant running out of control” in the stats at Worldometers: New cases in the UK have been pretty much static for three weeks or so. Anyone that is talking about new lockdowns is scaremongering, politicking or both. BTW, new cases in India peaked at 400K per day a week or so ago, and have now started coming down.

    And it was actually the NHS that failed in the first attempt to create a track and trace application. See this from ITV: It was the NHS that refused to accept help from Apple and Google.

    1. Hi Neil – according to the report I read the variant has increased three-fold in the last few days which is what set Johnson panicking.
      There have been various reports concerning India which are suggesting that the official stats from the government have been greatly manicured and hence a great underestimation of the situation.
      I think if they had offered the NHS £37 billion it would have been done! Don’t you?

      1. No, I don’t think the NHS would have got it right on their own. Remember, I’ve been there and done that – I worked on an NHS dental project in Edinburgh back in 1993. Left to themselves, they simply didn’t have the management commitment, drive or expertise to get it done. That’s why they had to get me in. When I arrived, the project had been going four months, and they had no product to show for it at all – no spec, and not even a demo. In three months, I and one member of their staff managed to get out a 760-page spec, but by then they had used up too much of their budget (on all the people who were working away without any product), and the thing got canned. There was also some NHS politics – the English dental practice board didn’t like the Scots getting entrepreneurial and actually trying to help the dentists, so there was pressure put on from that direction too.

        As to India, it’s not inconceivable that there is massaging of figures going on. I’ll take a look at what I see when I get round to that part of the world again – but that won’t be for a few weeks.

      2. Have you had many reactions to your last post. I put out a link. I was wondering if it had any effect?

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