The Corona Diaries – Day 410

A sad day today – you cannot believe voter gullibility. But there you go. You get what you deserve!

My calf was still sore and tender but I was able to take a walk up my hill again – as long as I took it slowly. I was doing an early walk before the rains came in. It was still quite cold and heavy clouds but I didn’t get rained on.

At the top it was great to see a few swallows diving and carrying out their aerial acrobatics in search of insects. Who needs the red arrows when you’ve got speedy hedgehoppers like these? Fabulous.

Back home I’ve been playing some Muddy Waters and doing some writing. All going well. I’m about three quarters of the way through the third rewrite. Currently up to 200 pages – 80,000 words. Looking good.

Out in Coronaland the Tories will be gleefully thinking they can get away with anything now. 127,000 dead, sleaze, lies, ineptitude – it doesn’t matter. They have license to kill, cheat and fiddle.

I guess it all comes down to whether you see Boris Johnson as a charming rogue or a lazy, inept, lying, overprivileged twat who is self-serving and on the make. I know what I see him as.

For some reason the working class electorate think that millionaires have their interests at heart (despite all the evidence to the contrary).

As for the Labour Party – well – we’ve had the invisible man again. Where are all their policies? Why should anyone vote for them? They need to get their act together. This bunch of Eton exploiters are rolling all over them.

As for the people of Hartlepool who voted for them – best unsaid.

I think the result is still a Brexit vote. For some stupid reason working class people (it’s the tabloids) have developed a hatred for the EU. It’s brought out their xenophobia and racism and they associate the EU with the Labour Party and Brexit with the Tories. Because of Covid they haven’t woken up to how bad Brexit has been (and will be).

Covid and vaccination has saved the Tories!

You might think some of the stats would make people wake up to how badly people like Boris Johnson, Donald Trump, Bolsonaro and Modi have handled the covid pandemic:

CountryNumber of Deaths
India234,000 (rising 4000 a day)
New Zealand26

It isn’t by chance that a country suffers 128,000 deaths while a country with a population one and a half times its size only has 35 deaths!! That is poor planning and poor decisions.

This chump has chucked billions to his chums and made bad decision after bad decision.

Vote him back in – why don’t you?

As predicted the Indian variant is spreading fast. The government failed to control the borders and so allowed the variant in. It is spreading fast and appears to cause illness in younger people and those already vaccinated. Well done Johnson. You’re a genius.

It’s a race now. Can they contain this variant or will it get loose and cause major problems?

It’s alright – we have Dido – the battery-powered throb that cures all ills!

Enough – we are on track to get out of this lockdown. I’m off to play some more Muddy and write a bit more. It’ll cheer me up!

Stay safe!

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