The Corona Diaries – Day 408

It was sunny and cold this morning. I had a long zoom meeting with my writing group that was very productive. By the afternoon it had clouded over. I went for my daily walk up the hill and received a buffeting of rain with a touch of hail. All the wildlife studiously avoided coming out. The wind had turned from westerly to northerly. So far not a patch on last year!

My walk was hampered by a slight calf strain which was playing up as the walk proceeded. I was glad to get sat back down.

I have been fitting in a bit more editing/writing of my Sci-fi novel – The Pornography Wars – and playing some Bob Dylan – the fabulous Blood On The Tracks. Very enjoyable.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland we have the elections coming up and a lot of stupid people voting for these morons. Ironically they are the ones who this bunch of idiots have been targeting. It’s like turkeys voting for Christmas. I think the xenophobic wet dream of Brexit has turned them mad.

Never mind. They’ll learn eventually. Living in a Tory wasteland with the wealthy overlooking you from their luxury penthouses will eventually begin to rankle.

India is in absolute crisis (one of their own making – stupidity and complacency from Modi) and is caught between the horns of a dilemma. If they lockdown the poor starve and die. If they don’t lockdown the poor catch covid and die. Shouldn’t have held all those religious festivals methinks.

Brazil is as bad. I wonder if Bolsonaro regrets telling people that being vaccinated will turn them into crocodiles (or was it alligators?)?

The virus may be controlled in the UK, USA and Europe but elsewhere it is running riot. It will probably hit Africa next and these new variants will run amok. I’m expecting biblical proportions of dead. The only way out is worldwide vaccination. The only way to do that is for the pharma companies to enable mass production of the vaccines in other countries. We beat it by upping production of vaccine. But will they do that? It’ll hit their profits. They will make billions out of this catastrophe.

Things are really looking up here. The vaccine has exceeded Johnson’s wettest dream. Just 4 deaths yesterday and the infection rates right down. Brilliant. Travel to various countries is opening up. Johnson is hoping it’ll make him every working-class Brit’s favourite. They’ll be able to get two weeks in Majorca, lie on the beach and drink loads of lager. Do I stereotype? Just a little.

Johnson is hoping to win more favour by relaxing social distancing and mask wearing! They’ll love him and forgive him everything.

There is talk of a booster jab in September that will not only mop up existing variants but future-proof against new variants.

Ain’t science brilliant!! Isn’t it now obvious that Trump was talking out of his backside??

Stay safe – the future beckons! It’s looking good (despite this set of Bullingdon boys).

6 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 408

  1. This afternoon, where I am we had a hail thunderstorm. Two and a half hours later, I was with my brass band (outside) in spring warmth. One of our members died about a month ago, and the funeral is tomorrow. We needed to practise! Mind you, by 8pm it had gone really cold again.

    Don’t worry about me, Opher, I won’t be voting tomorrow. (Or is that today?)

    1. Yes the weather is remarkable strange. But that is precisely what you get with this global warming Neil. It will get a lot worse than this.
      Sorry to hear of your band member.
      You should exercise your right and vote. Always remember that people died to provide you with that opportunity. Right now we certainly have a bunch of clowns worth voting against.
      I still haven’t got around to reading your rant – tomorrow I promise!

      1. The problem with voting is that there’s nobody worth voting for. Remember that, if you vote for a party that has been in power in the past, you are expressing satisfaction with what that party did with that power. And all the main parties have screwed us up so badly over so many decades, that in the absence of a Reform UK candidate (or a Monster Raving Loony!) the only halfway sane option is a spoiled ballot paper.

      2. At least a spoilt ballot paper is an expression. I always vote for the lesser of two evils. Labour at least support the public servants and the poor. The Tories just give to the wealthy and screw everyone else.

      3. Opher, the funeral was astonishing, The band got 17 people to the church service. We were playing outside, at the opposite end of the church to the main door. It was very cold, but we gave a good account of ourselves, even after a year and more without playing in public. We REALLY nailed the final chord of “You’ll Never Walk Alone!” The acoustics were helpful (with stone all around us), but it was still the most electrifying chord I’ve ever been part of. I’ve been told it was loud and clear even on the far side of the town square. We certainly catapulted the lady on her way to whatever is out there!

        Then we went to the burial ground of another church, where her remains were to be (and now are) buried. We had three more players arrive, but we were now about 50 metres from the people around her grave. We had to play even louder! And it rained. Musical parts and rain don’t mix.

        As to the weather… it changes. Always has done, always will. So does the climate. If you want me to believe the “human-caused climate change is causing damage” hype, you need to provide hard and verifiable evidence of damage, along with proof beyond doubt that humans caused it.

      4. Sounds great Neil – it must be good to get back to some sort of normality.
        BTW – the evidence is there and plenty of it.

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