The Corona Diaries – Day 405

After the (much reduced) festivities of yesterday with Liz’s Birthday and our 50th anniversary, where we could only have 4 people round, (we shall probably organise a proper celebration later in the year and get everyone together!!) I’m knackered!!

It is two weeks to go until our vaccines reach their peak protection – then I shall feel free.

So today I chilled out – played some Incredible String Band, went for a walk up my hill and waited for my antibodies to build up!!

Out in Coronaland we are still ruled by an idiot.

Thankfully he gave the vaccine to the NHS to deal with and not Dido Harding (or we’d still be up shit creek!!). He now basks in the glory of the brilliance of their execution. How fickle people are. I feel it is an insult to the 127,000 who died because of the ineptitude. How anybody from a working class background can possibly believe that anybody who pays £840 a roll for wallpaper is rooting for them is beyond me. But then they thought the same for Trump and he pocketed $1.6 billion from hid Presidency (and completely messed the country up).

It feels as if we are at the end of the pandemic in the UK but we aren’t. The vaccine has suppressed both the death-rate and transmission really well – but but but ………….. There are still a lot of young people who have not been vaccinated who could carry and pass on the disease (many of these will be asymptomatic spreaders). There are still a lot of vulnerable people who have refused the vaccine who will become more vulnerable as we come out of lockdown. A number of these either think that they may have already had the disease (even if they have that would probably not confer immunity) or they have herbal remedies or natural immunity (they are deluding themselves).

The other big worry is still the variants. Hopefully a booster in the Autumn will mop that up.

I can’t wait to get travelling again. There is still a lot of the world I want to see and experience. Time’s too short!!

I hope the stupid people who have been out on the streets protesting the lockdown measures, masks and distancing can now see the folly of their stupidity. In Brazil and India they were arrogant and ignored the safety measures. Both are absolutely devastated by the disease. In India it is totally out of control with a death-rate of 3668 a day!! Every day adds a new record! Bolsonaro and Modi have both been absurdly ignorant of the science and arrogant as well – telling people false information. Both did not lock down, did not insist on distancing and the wearing of masks and both encouraged huge gatherings. If Trump hadn’t been kicked out of office the USA would be on the same trajectory!!

Without adequate safeguards a new virus will ravage a population. If a population has never been exposed it will have no natural immunity to novel antigens. That’s science. You can boost your immune system all you like and that might help you fight the disease but it will not stop you catching it – then it’s a lottery.

India and Brazil are a warning to us all.

Vaccination is the only way out of a pandemic like this.

The big worry is Africa. For some silly reason they think they will not go down with it the same. They have just been lucky up to now. That could change overnight as it did in both India and Brazil. All it takes is a variant.

For everybody’s sake we need to vaccinate the world and the antivaxxers need to come on board.

Join the vaccination train!!!

Stay safe!!

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