The Corona Diaries – Day 403

I went shopping today!

Now who would have thought that worthy of a mention. Since I’ve been in lockdown for these 403 days I must have only gone to a supermarket five or six times. We get all our food delivered. In fact we get everything delivered apart from the newspaper. I pay for that monthly and pop in to pick it up.

Going shopping is a novelty!

This has been a strange day. It was raining all morning and has been cold. We seem to have had this cold north easterly air flow off the North Sea forever. Even when it’s warm it’s cold (I know what I mean). So I stayed in and did a bit of writing on my Sci-fi book. I’m writing in a new section that seems to be going well. I thought it needed it.

I enjoy writing. I think keeping busy in lockdown has kept me on an even keel. Music has been the other thing. It has also been great to listen to some Django Reinhardt. He was amazing.

This afternoon I took a walk up my hill. The sun had come out and it had warmed up a bit even though there was still a stiff breeze.

Out in Coronaland the farce continues. Somehow the overprivileged Johnson who likes to spend £840 on a roll of wallpaper (I’ll repeat that – £840 a roll!!) still manages to convince a bunch of ignorant working class people in the north of England that he is a great guy who is on their side. I would remind them that this is the guy who says he can’t manage on a mere £164,000 a year (with no rent, car or food bill) and £30,000 of our money towards decoration. One has to ask what it is he spends it on? A big coke habit? Hookers? You can buy a lot of very expensive wine and caviar for £164,000.

Some plonkers interviewed on the radio didn’t know who Starmer was and the only politician they could name was Johnson.

It makes you despair for democracy. To think that our ancestors died to give these people the vote. The greedy Tories must be laughing themselves silly. Just by buying up the Sun, Express, Mail, Telegraph and Times they can brainwash most of the population.

So this is the clown who is presently allowing the Indian variant into the country where it is currently spreading nicely.

This is the clown who is currently overseeing a world of sleaze – huge contracts to chums, multimillion pound jobs to sycophants, tax breaks to those who have him on speed dial and doshing out contracts to all who are willing to pay from his sofa.

One other of the fools in the vox pop said that all the sleaze didn’t matter, politicians were all the same. That’s alright then. We’ll turn a blind eye to Johnson’s crew wasting tens of billions while throwing the poor and key workers back into austerity.

To think that only a little while back we were putting MPs into prison for fiddling expenses – they conned us out of thousands – this mob are conning us out of billions and getting away with it.


Meanwhile, the Indian variant is flourishing and spreading. The only good thing about that is that there is not any evidence yet that the vaccines don’t work against it. Maybe Johnson will get lucky? He’s already killed 127,000 he wouldn’t want to double it would he? Not that he’d really care if the bodies piled up in tens of thousands as long as the suckers keep voting for him.

The corona new cases were down to 2,400 yesterday with just 22 deaths. That’s brilliant. Just think if we manage to get down to just 37 cases Did Harding could spend a billion quid on each case!! She could be successful then!! Well it’s possible.

The NHS does a great job and the lazy inept Johnson gets the reward!! Doesn’t seem right to me – especially when their reward for saving his bacon is to get a pay cut!!

It’s the same picture in the USA where Biden has turned around the Trump disaster and is now on top of things. At least the American people chose to dump their useless populist moron. We’ve still got ours!!

Trump and Johnson’s populist mate Bolsonaro the denier is certainly not on top of things. The rate is still soaring with 3000 deaths a day.

The other right-wing Hindu extremist Modi is even worse. A new record of 386,555 new cases with 3500 deaths a day!! And that is believed to be a gross underestimate. Modi’s response is to violently suppress all criticism and stifle news. That’s how autocrats operate. It was Trump’s policy too! India is in a real mess. Arundhati Roy says its genocide – a crime against humanity.

I keep asking why we elect these narcissistic sociopaths and psychopaths to office. We fall for it so often!!

It seems to be a character trait that attracts people to power and attracts people to vote for them.

Humans are so flawed. It’s a wonder we’re still here.

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