The Corona Diaries – Day 401

It’s now four days on from my second jab. I have had no symptoms apart from a slightly tender arm which lasted a day. Those antibodies will be building up nicely!! My body is now a factory for destroying viruses!! YippEEEE!!!! I can feel the security growing. Freedom looms!!

It made me think of those days at school when I was about thirteen and we had our BCG vaccinations. We were told to take care not to knock it or pick at the scab. It came up in a sore. All the boys were going around punching each other on their jabs. School days eh?

Today still had a very cold wind off the north sea. Out of the wind it was really warm. We went for a walk out on the Wolds at Rudstone. They have a big Neolithic monolith in the church graveyard. religions always seem to want to do that – build on the sites of past religions. I think it’s a kind of usurping – trying to steal the power. Similar to how they steal pagan festivals like Christmas and Easter.

Back home I’ve been sorting photos for the Harper book and editing my Sci-fi book The Pornography Wars. All looking good. I’ve been playing some White Stripes to get the blood flowing.

Out in Coronaland people are at last beginning to see through our seemingly affable Prime Minister. Behind that affable mask lies a lazy overprivileged clown. His greed and ineptitude are fighting it out to see which is the greater. I think the ineptitude is just about winning. A survey suggested that 6 out of ten now think he’s untrustworthy. The question has to be asked as to how 4 out of ten still have faith in the man????

Hopefully all the dodgy deals will finally come to the surface and the lies will come home to roost. He’ll need a giant henhouse to accommodate them all!!

Out in India another unpleasant populist religious fanatic Narendra Modi, who has been pushing Hindu extremism, is also coming under attack for incompetence. India is melting down under covid. Huge numbers are going down with the virus. The hospitals are not functioning and they are dying in the streets. It’s the same questions that we need to put to Boris Johnson – why weren’t you prepared? Why did you not take the right actions? Why are the deaths so much greater than in other countries?

I know what the answers will be from them.

i also know what my answer is – INCOMPETENCE INCOMPETENCE INCOMPETENCE!!!

All this was perfectly predictable. It was seen well in advance. The science was quite clear. There has been no excuse!!

The next pandemic is also predictable. Unless our leaders get together to create global and national strategies we will relive all this in the future.

Things like pandemics, global warming, financial crashes, species diversity issues, pollution, wars and natural catastrophes are predictable. Sensible governments have strategies ready. That’s their job.

In the UK the vaccine roll out continues at pace with the over forties presently being vaccinated and a high take-up. I think everyone can now see that it is having a dramatic effect. The new cases are coming down, hospital cases are right down and there are hardly any deaths.

The other brilliant news is that the vaccine has a big impact on stopping transmission as well as stopping the disease.

A sensible government would pull out the stops, really get on top of the disease, particularly focusing on the more lethal variants, and eradicate the virus like they have done in Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Vietnam and other places. A sensible government would.

Shame isn’t it??

I’m off to do a bit of editing before our evening meal and a glass of wine!!

Stay Safe!!! We’re close!!

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