The Corona Diaries – Day 399

It was sunny but cold in Yorkshire today. we still have this breeze off the North sea. It’s been with us a few weeks now. It feels strange. Even when the sun makes it quite warm the air still feels cold! Looks like we’ve got it for a few more days yet!

So it was hat, scarf and even gloves for my customary walk up my hill.

I have to report that my arm is no longer tender in the slightest and I have had absolutely no other symptoms. I feel positively booming!!

I’ve spent most of the day editing my Sci-fi book and sorting some of the photos for the Roy Harper book. The Harper book is presently being edited with a view to release in June. My task this week is to provide a selection of photos for inclusion. It still feels a long way off and unreal. But I suppose it isn’t really.

Out in Coronaland our Teflon clown is still riding the euphoric wave of vaccination paradise. As people emerge from lockdown they are so grateful they think Johnson has done a great job. I think they will soon sober up, look at the damage from Brexit, the 127,000 deaths and the growing list of incompetence and sleaze and awaken to what a corrupt bunch of tossers they’ve put into power.

I’m enjoying the new Cummings/Johnson war and hoping that it continues to grow as it reveals more of the ineptitude and selfish greed that marks our PM with his overprivileged sense of outrageously misconceived entitlement.

Poor dear can’t manage on an income of £161,401 ( he previously called his income of £250,000 for writing a weekly column for the Telegraph as ‘chickenfeed’) – and that is with a free London flat, a free country house, meals, living expenses and chauffeured car thrown in. Poor thing. He had to ask for help from Tory donors to renovate his flat to Princess Nut-Nuts taste.

Not to worry. The revolving door will soon put him on the elevator to riches just like his predecessors. What does he spend it on?? Is it alimony?

The vaccine has literally got him out of jail. Cummings and reality might burst his bubble. The man is a walking disaster.

Meanwhile, the over 40s are now being called to vaccinate and vaccination is bringing down cases to new lows. Deaths were just 11 yesterday!! With new cases now down to 1,712 there is a chance that Dido Harding, with £37 billion behind her might just get to keep on top of it (if she hasn’t frittered it all away or stashed it offshore in the Bahamas like the other Tory tax evaders).

With numbers like these it may even be possible to deal with the Indian and Brazilian variants until such time as we receive an effective booster in the Autumn.

Johnson must believe that God is a Bullingdon boy. I’m sure the future will prove there is no god and nobody is entitled to anything no matter their privileged background.

Outside of the UK and USA the virus is rampant. India is melting down. The health system has collapsed. There is not even any oxygen. The UK and USA are rushing supplies out. People are staying at home to die. The estimates of a staggering 352,991 new cases with 2,812 deaths is thought to be a gross underestimate! Things are dire.

The sooner we get the world vaccinated the better.

Until such time I say Stay Safe to all my Indian readers. My thoughts are with you!

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