The Corona Diaries – Day 398

It’s the second day after my second jab. My arm is no longer tender and I’m feeling fine. No side effects at all!! The mRNA is already starting to manufacture the proteins which will kick my immune system up a notch! A couple more weeks and I’ll be virus superman!!

Of course Jeff Bezos and Bill Gates keep ringing me up and Boris Johnson is tracking my every move. Amazon know what I am thinking and MI5 have me under surveillance. I am now completely infertile and have an allergic reaction to the beef and pork in the vaccine. I’ve developed massive blood clots all over my body and am so ill I’ll never walk again. But apart from all that I’m fine.

Honestly – the nonsense people believe!!

I’ve been in this morning listening to Woody Guthrie and doing a bit of writing.

There’s a cold wind off the North Sea making it quite cold. We went for a walk up on the wolds. It was cloudy and we rarely saw the sun but it was OK.

Meanwhile out in Coronaland our Teflon clown continues to prosper. Nothing matters. The sleaze drops off him, the 127,000 deaths don’t count, the worst hit economy in the G7 matters little, the lies are accepted, the economic hit of Brexit makes no impression, broken promises, false claims, personal gain and corruption – nobody cares. He gets away with murder. The assessment of him from people who worked for him or employed him mean nothing. Our populist clown, despite all the evidence to the contrary, is perceived as doing a good job.

You get what you deserve.

Here’s the current position of various countries regarding Covid:

CountryNew Cases yesterdayDeaths yesterdayTotal number of deaths
New Zealand1026

Anybody spot anything?

How are the Populist leaders doing?

Why do New Zealand and Vietnam have hardly any deaths?

Countries worst hit by Covid:

Countries where Coronavirus has spread – Worldometer (

There we are – near the top!! And people still think Johnson has done a good job!! What would a bad job look like??

Out in India the situation is dire. The hospitals are overrun, they are running out of oxygen. It is chaos. I’m sure the death rate is much higher than reported. The variant is killing younger people.

We are now finding the Indian variant spreading in the UK. I wonder why? You don’t think it has anything to do with allowing all those thousands of people to travel into the country without quarantine?

I find a lot of people really do not understand how the mRNA vaccine works. They think it’s new, untested and are frightened. I’m not. I know how it works. I used to teach this.

They take a short section of RNA from the virus (a section that codes for the spike protein on the virus sheath).

The copy this into a short mRNA.

They inject the mRNA.

The mRNA enters a cell and makes millions of copies of the virus protein spike.

The sections of protein are recognised as foreign protein (antigens) by the body’s immune system.

Antibodies are produced to destroy the invading protein.

T-cells are alerted.

The body’s immune system to readied to destroy any invading virus containing that protein.

It is safe – in fact much safer than previous vaccines. There are no dead viruses or fragments of viruses injected.

You cannot get the disease from the injection as there is no virus in it.

RNA cannot become incorporated into your DNA genome – it’s a different substance!

The antivaxxers are moaning. They don’t like being excluded. Tough. That’s the price you pay! I’m free and you’re still living in fear and lockdown.

Half the UK has had its first jab. The cases have gone right down, hospital cases are right down and deaths are now in double figures!!

Vaccination works!!

Sadly, the situation is not the same around the world. On a global basis the virus is worse than ever. More people are becoming ill and more are dying.

The only way we will contain it is by vaccinating everyone!!

Stay Safe!!! My end is not half nigh!!

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  1. Good you’re vaccinated. So far the vaccine is far exceeding the 95% efficacy or is it efficiency? Likely they’ll become an annual or semi annual thing. The resistance to taking it is hard to understand, and is related somehow to what we’ve gotten used to as the new fascism. What a world.

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