The Corona Diaries – Day 397

I was feeling good today. I got up at five am. to write a section in my Sci-fi book – The Pornography Wars. It has been festering in my head and was stopping me sleeping.

My arm is a little tender today following my jab yesterday but even that is minor. I’m feeling great. I can almost feel the mRNA setting up in my cells pumping out billions of tiny fragments of protein (antigens). The protein in the virus spike. I can almost sense my body beginning to start antibody production and T-cell activation. In another two to three weeks I should be fully immune and my risk levels will be back to normal!! Superb!!

So today I’ve been busy writing my book, listening to John Lennon and laughing every time I think of Cummings and Johnson. There’s a couple that deserve each other. The Machiavellian mastermind and the clown.

A lot more revelations to come about sleaze, laziness and wrongdoing I reckon. Between Cummings, Johnson and Princess Nut Nut I reckon it’s no surprise that Brexit and Covid have been handled so badly. What a trio?

Getting people to pay for his renovation, speed-dialling Dyson, backing Priti’s bullying, doling out pay cuts, millions given to Hancock’s landlord, billions given to cronies for PPE and allowing Cameron to push Greensill – there’s a web of sleaze!!

Billions on apps that don’t work, track and trace that is ineffective and PPE that is useless!

But loadsa people are making a killing!! Including cabinet ministers. They are quietly pocketing the cash.

What a way to run a country!! Oh – and nobody will be appearing on your programme because we don’t want you interrogating them over the things they are doing wrong! Remember – this is the new Populist government – we’re not answerable or accountable!

So as the vaccination programme rolls out in the UK and USA the number of deaths continue to tumble. In Brazil and India the death-rate is soaring as the numbers of new infections radically increase breeding variants like mad. In Vietnam, Singapore, Israel and New Zealand life is back to normal.

The moral of the story is don’t vote for populist leaders – vote for people who know what they are doing!!

It looks as if the existing vaccines will give a lot of protection against the variants too. That’s good news. The only way to get on top of this virus is to vaccinate.

We need to vaccinate the entire world!!

It seems that the antivaxxers were out in force on Oxford Street spouting their silly conspiracy theories and protesting that their freedoms are being curtailed. If they want their freedom back they ought to get vaccinated like the rest of us. We’re in the middle of a pandemic that has killed 127,000 people in the UK!! Time they got real!!

I’m off back to my writing!!
Stay Safe!!

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