The Corona Diaries – Day 393

Sun shines again!! I’m definitely a sun worshipper! It is warm today (though it was cold first thing with a heavy frost).

I started with a zoom meeting with old colleagues followed by a walk up my hill. Butterflies are out – cabbage whites, tortoiseshells and peacocks! I love to see them. The birds were being very territorial – all those feathered dinosaurs shrieking at each other – ‘This is mine!! Over here love!!’ So charming!

I did a bit more shopping this afternoon! I’m off to do some painting in a minute!

Spring is great – but I prefer Summer!! I like the warmth!

Out in Coronaland I think people are just beginning to wake up to the incompetence of the government. Maybe the cronyism is cutting through? Corruption and sleaze are never that popular but people seem to have made allowances for Johnson. Maybe they are beginning to wake up to what the rest of us know – he is a jovial, inept, devious, incompetent, greedy, overprivileged clown who is extremely self-serving. He’s a classic Tory lining his own nest and looking after the wealthy.

I had a conversation with our next door neighbour today. Previously she had said ‘Poor old Boris. He’s doing his best. Nobody could have seen this coming. He’s damned if he does and damned if he doesn’t’. Of course I had to put her right.

a. Everybody saw this coming (Obama, WHO, most other countries and even the Tory Party). The Tories actually did a Cygnus Exercise in 2017. The Cygnus report said they were unprepared. They ignored it. They ignored what was going on in China (though they had reports from their own officials). They ignored the WHO. They ignored what was going on in Europe. They ignored what countries like Singapore, New Zealand and Vietnam were doing – shutting borders – quarantining and testing all people coming in. They then, once it was too late to keep it out and control it, went for herd immunity. Then they panicked.

b. Boris isn’t poor. He’s got lucrative side-lines already and will walk away a multimillionaire (just like his predecessors).

c. He is never doing his best. He’s a lazy bastard. He doesn’t keep on top of things. He’s invisible half the time – bumbling and dithering the rest – because he doesn’t know what he’s doing. He’s done everything too slow! He’s not on top of it!

d. He’s damned because he’s an incompetent clown who has led us into a huge disaster of Brexit and caused 127,000 deaths due to incompetence. He lies, cheats and is corrupt.

I didn’t think she was really listening but today she was complaining about them not shutting borders and allowing the Indian variant in. I think she’s changed her tune. That’s good!! It might mean other people are waking up.

You don’t get to be among the worst hit country for nothing. You don’t have the worst hit economy for nothing. You have to earn it!

Talking of the Indian variant – a virus that is currently sweeping India in a tsunami of deaths – a nasty highly contagious, lethal virus which evades vaccines. Probably a virus that we ought to try to keep out. It could well make our whole vaccination programme useless.

But seemingly not. India should have been on the red list weeks ago when the variant emerged. Even when it was ravaging India in the last weeks it was not put on the red list. Only yesterday (three weeks too late) did India get put on the red list. There will still be planeloads arriving until Friday when the restrictions kick in.

Covid in Uttar Pradesh: Coronavirus overwhelms India’s most populous state – BBC News

Are they mad? Have they learnt nothing?

The Indian variant has already cropped up in the country at many locations. Scientists say that it is rapidly becoming the leading variant in the country.

Once again this incompetent bunch of imbeciles have become complacent because the vaccination programme is working and the numbers are coming right down. WHAT ARE THEY GOING TO DO WHEN THE VACCINATED START DYING FROM THE INDIAN VARIANT????

I suppose they will say that nobody could have seen that coming!

Bloody IMBECILES!!! We are being led by clowns!!!

Stay safe!!!

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