The Corona Diaries – Day 390

Fabulous day in Yorkshire. The sun has been shining all day – though the air is still cold. We took off for a long walk up over the wolds with stunning views. I should have taken my camera. It was a four hour jaunt and my legs felt it. Doing so much uphill was an effort! Above us three buzzards soared in circles. I’m sure they were waiting for one of us to drop dead.

All around us the birds were chirping away. It sounded fantastic but I know they were all really shouting out – ‘Fuck off – this is my territory!!! Come on love – I’m the best!!! Come and see my wonderful nest!!’ Sounded good anyway.

The sunshine certainly brings everything out. There were butterflies – mainly tortoiseshells but an occasional peacock and red admiral. There were lots of bright flowers and huge bumble bees – no honey bees though!

Back home I was working on my Sci-fi novel – The Pornography Wars. I completed my first rewrite!! Yippee!!! I’ve now got to reread it to see if it all works. Then I’ll start editing!! What fun!!

Today, while editing, I’ve been playing a bit of Beatles. They were so good!!

Lockdown certainly is productive.

I’ve got this new circular saw and a pile of old pallets and fencing. I spent two hours cutting it all up into chunks for the wood burner. It’s knackering!! I(‘ve now got a huge job in cutting everything up for kindling! Tomorrow’s task!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland the sleaze and corruption deepens. Doesn’t anybody go into politics in order to govern the country and make it work better? Are they all just greedy swines trying to line their own pockets with millions??

Certainly seems that way.

Cameron and Green swill. Jenrick, Osborne and all of the 44 walking into lucrative jobs. It all stinks. Sleaze and corruption should feature in some Tory emblem! Then the cronyism and nepotism. They are a selfish, callous lot who arrogantly think they are so much more deserving than the rest of us!!

There is still no news of our second jab. It is due this week so here’s hoping!!

A quick snapshot of what is happening around the world:

CountryNew cases yesterdayDeaths yesterday
The USA77,358940
The UK2,75634
New Zealand00

The States are remaining pretty steady. Still far too high though. They re rolling out the vaccine. Things should improve.

The UK continues to get better and better. The vaccine rollout is really working.

Brazil is looking dire with lots of young people and babies dying and the health service overrun. Bolsonaro’s little flu is killing people in droves and spawning lethal variants.

New Zealand and Vietnam have next to no cases, no deaths and life is back to normal. They know how to deal with it.

In India it is going berserk! The virus is out of control. Modi let everybody mix for their Hindu festivals. Huge crowds gathered and it became superspreaders!! When you have a lunatic in charge you’ve got no chance.

The Indian variant is causing huge concern. Not only has Modi allowed it to flourish but Johnson hasn’t put a stop on immigration from India and they are bringing it in. It could put a stop to our roadmap out of lockdown. The variant is highly contagious and lethal.

The Indian health service is already overwhelmed – no beds, no ventilators, no medicine, no oxygen – no hope!

Modi is a moron.

Another populist fool.

Johnson is failing to act yet again!! The man is an idiot!! Why aren’t all people coming from India put in quarantine???? Don’t we learn anything????

Stay safe!! It’s hard – the morons are in charge!!!

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