The Corona Diaries – Day 389

It’s been a bit of a strange day today – sunny but cold the same as yesterday. I stayed in editing, writing and playing Buffalo Springfield.

I’m feeling very lethargic today. I think lockdown does that to you. There is no stimulation from friends or going out. The days are repeating patterns. Days dissolve.

I wonder what we will all remember of this year when we look back on it?

In many ways it has been very productive – I’ve written books, decorated the house, read a lot and watched a lot of drama but really – it feels strangely empty!

Nature has been the best bits. Today all the birds were singing away. The kestrel was hovering, a hair ran in the field and there were rabbits all over the place. The succession of wild flowers is a delight. That bouys me up.

Out in Coronaland the sleaze deepens. All these MPS and senior civil servants waltzing off into lucrative jobs – some being paid millions for next to nothing. The cronyism and nepotism with the awarding of multimillion pound contracts. Why does nobody seem bothered? Have we come to think that it’s just the Tories – good old Boris.

There is definitely one rule for them and one for us!!

I was always brought up to be fair. There’s nothing fair about any of this. It’s a grubby, squalid and corrupt.

He’ll get away with murder (and has) because of the vaccine!!

Here the news is still good we have just 2,671 new cases yesterday with only 30 deaths. The vaccine is working.

Over in India and Brazil the picture is gloomy – collapsing health services are being overwhelmed with patients. People being turned away, no drugs, no beds, no oxygen. Dire.

In the USA the rates are going up. It’s hard to deal with people who still think it’s a hoax or unamerican to distance. The USA has become a strange and violent place.

I’m off to warm up my kedgeree!

Stay safe!!

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