The Corona Diaries – Day 386

The weather is all a bit strange here in Yorkshire. I got up this morning to a heavy frost. The same came out and it’s really warm. But the air is cold and there’s a cold breeze.

Anyway, I had a nice walk up my hill, fed carrots to my horse. I found out he’s called Smudge. I came back and worked on my novel editing and rewriting. It’s going well. I managed fifteen pages yesterday and have already done fifteen today!

I’ve been playing some Esquerita. He’s an overlooked force in early Rock Music and R&B. Little Richard based himself om Esquerita.

Meanwhile out in Coronaland – I’m so sick of this inept government and our clown of a PM I’m considering emigrating to New Zealand. They seem so much more sensible – none of this extremism and populist nonsense. They brought in policies that worked and dealt with it. Now they are back to normal, cases are minimal – just 4 new cases yesterday, and they haven’t had a death for months!!

Over here Johnson is flailing about like an imbecile on mastermind. He’s just hoping that the vaccination programme will get him out of a hole. The stupid thing is that it is.

I am losing faith with the British. They don’t seem capable of rational thought any longer. Despite the deaths, the cronyism, the damaged economy, the corruption and the blithering, they are still backing this imbecile.

Only Trump and Bolsonaro are worse. The worrying thing in Brazil, where Bolsonaro has allowed the virus to run wild, is that the new variants it has spawned are affecting young people more. Over half the cases in intensive care are among the under 40s. If that comes here we are buggered – and I do not think this bunch of inept Tories are capable of keeping it out. I don’t think they could find shit in a sewage farm.

Today they started rolling out the Moderna jab. It sounds as if it is an extremely effective jab – 93% effective against catching the disease and 100% against becoming severely ill. Just what we need.

They are starting to vaccinate the over 45s now. That means they have offered the vaccine to all the most vulnerable groups – hence we see the death-rate plummet from many hundreds a day to just 13 yesterday and 7 the day before. That is amazing.

However, that doesn’t mean we are out of the woods yet. The opening up of shops and outside pubs has resulted in a lot of very silly behaviour. A lot of people seem to think it’s all over and have been hugging and getting close in large numbers.

The virus will love that.

One thing to remember is that 1.3 million of the most vulnerable declined to take the vaccine. They are greatly at risk now. As contact increases they become more and more at risk. If the young people get the virus they could have the illness mildly or completely asymptomatically and pass it on to the vulnerable group. We could have a big spike in illness and deaths.

If the Brazilian variant gets into the country (and let’s face it – with a blithering idiot as a PM and an arrogant bunch of Eton schoolboys there is not much hope of any effective protection) it will infect the young and cause a huge surge in young deaths!

So beware!

I’m looking forward to my second jab after which I shall feel secure and willing to accept the risk. I noted that an area near to us – Bridlington – has the highest rate of infection in the country!!

Stay Safe!! Take care!!

I’m off to make a cup of tea and get back to some serious editing!!

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