The Corona Diaries – Day 385

It’s been a bit of a strange day today. We’ve been having new gates fitted so a lot of my day was taken up helping. It has been sunny but cold in Yorkshire. A bit too nippy for me.

After the gates were fitted I went up my hill, gave a big carrot to my horse (I’m sure he thinks I’m his owner now) and came back to do a spot of editing, writing and listening to Jimi Hendrix.

385 days and I have still managed to evade covid! I’m still alive!

I contacted my friend Jack in Colorado. He hasn’t been as lucky as me. He went down with Covid in early December and spent 50 days in hospital – much of it on a ventilator. Fortunately he survived but is still in pretty bad shape and on oxygen. Get well soon Jack!!

Out in Coronaland the vaccine is continuing to do its job. We were down to just 1,730 new cases with only 7 new deaths. That is brilliant!!

It’s also coming down in the USA with 48,147 new cases and just 296 deaths. Just think how bad it was under Trump!! 250,000 new cases a day and 3500 deaths a day.

That’s still the case in Brazil where Bolsonaro’s stupidity is causing mass deaths. Cases have been up to 90,000+ and deaths at 4000 a day! The variants are out of control and seem more virulent – affecting and killing young people. The worry is that the fool has let it get out of hand and we have a variant that evades the vaccine! The idiot could kill us all!

I think Trump, Bolsonaro and Johnson must be the personification of the three horsemen of the apocalypse!

It was a big day today in the UK. They are opening up the economy. The shops are all open! What is wrong with people?? They were flocking to shop. Is our culture so shallow that there is nothing else in their life other than buying stuff?? I find it sad.

Needless to say I didn’t go near the shops.

The hairdressers are open but I didn’t make an appointment there either.

The pubs and restaurants are open for outside eating and drinking. The trouble is that it is still too cold to venture out, so I gave that a miss. In the weeks to come, when it’s warmed up a bit, I’ll no doubt be meeting up with friends and family. It’s no good escaping covid if you die of pneumonia brought on my freezing to death!

After I’ve had my second jab I’ll feel much safer! There will still be a small risk but not big enough to bother me. I think we’re heading for herd immunity if Bolsonaro doesn’t bugger it up by allowing those variants to go berserk!

A little bit of good news is that a common asthma drug seems very beneficial in aiding recovery!

Things are on the up (except in Brazil and India)!! Stay safe!!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 385

  1. Well Opher, my “shopping” trips today were:

    (1) Booking an appointment at the barber’s.
    (2) A fairly standard visit to Waitrose’s.
    (3) Taking my watch to the jewellers to get the strap mended, as well as getting a new battery for my other watch (which I only recently re-found – it had slipped down behind a piece of furniture).

    You might find shopping “sad.” But to me, what is sad is that a criminal-political elite can make it impossible for me to satisfy basic needs, like wearing a watch or keeping my beard trimmed, for months on end.

    On Wednesday, after I’ve been to the barber, I’ll go to Marks and Sparks to replace the two pairs of trousers, and one or perhaps two shirts, which have reached the end of their useful lives during the lockdown.

    It’s people like you, Opher, that let these criminals get away with what they do. You even vote for the buggers!

    1. Never voted Tory in my life Neil!
      Nowt wrong in doing a bit of shopping – it’s the long queues and people waiting there for hours before the shops actually open that’s so sad. Empty-minded fools whose only purpose in life is to shop. Slightly different eh?
      You don’t need to feel guilty.

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