The Corona Diaries – Day 384

I got up this morning to find a layer of snow over everything. It proceeded to snow for two hours. Then the sun came out and melted it. It meant that I put my walk off to the afternoon so this morning I spent the time editing and playing McGoohan’s Blues by Roy Harper. I never get tired of it!! I’ve been listening to that fabulous 20 minute track for some fifty four years!

This afternoon I went for my walk, fed my horse and had a natter with his real owner. Nice guy. I went home and have been having a beer and watching the football! Great stuff!

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland it’s still the same. I’ve been reporting on it for 384 days. You would think I would have run out of things to say. Well I have. It becomes monotonous:

Inept government

Clown of a PM (impersonating a country bumpkin with a haystack on his head)

Lousy corrupt government cronyism and profiteering

Johnson’s litany of lying

127,000 deaths caused by incompetence, arrogance and dithering

Unpreparedness caused by greed and Brexit

Brexit – the result of lies and stupidity

Cronyism giving away eye-watering sums of money to chums

Incompetent people put in charge

Failure of apps, Test and Trace

Silly cheerleading with oven-ready, moonshots and world-beating

Stupidities with eat out to help out and back to the office

A disastrous Brexit

More lies

More incompetence

A fabulous job done by key workers

Key workers stabbed in back by Tories

Austerity for public services and poor – multimillion bonuses for bankers and profiteers

A revolving door for Tories out of politics into multimillion pound jobs

The poor pick up the bill for the huge amounts squandered

The NHS do a fabulous service and work themselves into the ground (rewarded with a pay cut)

Clapping but not paying.

NHS save Johnson’s bacon by superbly rolling out vaccination

Gullible public still back Tories.

Worst hit economy in G7 result of Tory incompetence.

Well there is only so many ways of saying it!

I’ve had enough!!

Stay safe!!

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