Northern Ireland – as predicted – cartoons

Well Project Fear is proving to be Project Reality. As predicted Northern Ireland is descending into violence again, Scotland is heading to vote out, firms are fleeing the country or going bust, our freedoms have gone and we’re strangling in red tape. Unemployment will rise, prices will rise and we’ll all be poorer (apart from the Tory profiteers) and we’ll have decades of austerity as we dive down to become a far less powerful and less wealthy nation.

Who could have seen that coming?

Johnson lied and too many people believed him

But we wrested back control and gave it to a bunch on extreme incompetent, self-serving clowns!!

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    1. I’m in favour of anyone committing an injustice being held to account. It might take a while for Britain to be indicted though – the courts would be clogged up with Israeli crimes.

      1. Exactly so, European pig cowards they depend upon and continually make irrational arguments. Like, just for example, Jews stole Arab lands.

      2. You assume that Jews took land. Wrong assumption. Jews in the Palestine mandated territories, established based upon the Balfour Declaration, fought Arabs who invaded those territories.

      3. Noise. Israel condemned over and over and over and over again and again by a plurality of States, members of the UN. As usual Ass Hat’s words = noise. Do Do brain, have repeatedly told ya, am an atheist praise HaShem. This theology of believe it or not … bunk. Coward ya refuse to address the fundamental fact: in 1948 Jordan illegally occupied and nationalized lands renamed as West Bank. Every country member to the UN condemned the Jordanian nationalization of Palestine mandate territory lands. Only 2 members of the UN refused to condemn the Jordanians – Britain and newly established Pakistan.

      4. like you keep “stealing land etc” by repeating over and over the same unproven declarations of Arab land theft.

      5. The proof is in the disgusting way your government deals with them and the disgusting way you talk about them.

      6. Fool your reactionary non sense – whereby you make illogical personal attacks, you condemn yourself. Cause I personally have worked well with stateless Arab refugee populations temporarily residing in Israel; you claim no responsibility of the Shoah crimes yet impose imaginary Shoah crimes upon me and my people. Ass Hat pig nazi Shoah denier coward.

      7. Since last week, Northern Ireland’s capital has been plagued by familiar scenes: rioting, the gray shells of burned-out cars, injured police officers.

        For many in this post-industrial city of 280,000, it has conjured memories of the Troubles, a three-decade period of sectarian violence that left thousands dead and pushed thousands of others to leave. Hypocrite British coward war criminals.

      8. Standard response: Ya always scapegoat “others”. Coward criminal pig take responsibility for the vile crimes committed by your country. You demand of Israel this yet coward that you are your hypocrisy stinks.

      9. Your a consistent fool, that i will grant you. Again moron, what in the previous response does not make sense? Poor idiot.

      10. No – we don’t have democracy in the UK. We have a sham. The peoples’ minds are controlled by the establishment.

      11. Vile hypocrite, you lie and condemn Israel. Arab refugees have no rights … not b/c they live as Arabs but rather that Arabs lost their Nazi wars to throw the Jews into the Sea in 1948 and 1967.

        France was aware that a genocide was being prepared in Rwanda ahead of the 1994 killings and the French government bore a significant responsibility for enabling it, the Rwandan government said in a report published on Monday.

        Between April and July of 1994, some 800,000 people were slaughtered, mainly from the ethnic Tutsi minority but also some Hutus.

      12. Everybody has rights or nobody has rights. If you deny the rights of other human beings you are no better than the Nazi’s you are merely copying them!
        The French and UN should be ashamed of Rwanda.

      13. Not ‘everybody has rights’. Women sold in white slavery do not have rights. Whores have no rights in the eyes of their Pimps. Europeans do not respect Gypsies. Enough of your empty and worthless platitudes. Ass Hat.

      14. Capitol Police Officer Brian Sicknick, whose death was initially believed to be caused by rioters during the Jan. 6 insurrection, succumbed to natural causes stemming from a stroke the day after the violence, according to the top medical examiner in the nation’s capital.

        Francisco J. Diaz, the chief medical examiner for Washington, D.C., told the Washington Post that Sicknick died on Jan. 7 after suffering two strokes and he did not suffer an allergic reaction to any chemical irritants.

        This is an undeniable blow to the assertions that Sicknick died as a result of something that happened to him on January 6th. Not only did he suffer multiple strokes, but those strokes also were not brought on by any chemical irritant such as pepper spray. That was a going theory by prosecutors until this point. The medical examiner determined the death was via natural causes and there appears to be nothing that connects the event to the crowd that day.

        It is absolutely disgusting to think back to how the news media, Joe Biden, Democrats at large, and some Republicans used Sicknick’s death to score political points. And they did so without one ounce of evidence to do so. Sicknick lay in state at the Capitol under the guise that he had been murdered by Trump supporters. We now know that story was completely false. What now? Will there be apologies to the family for using their loved one as a political prop? Will there be apologies to those who wanted to wait and see what was actually true in regards to the claims of “insurrection” that day?

  1. My Tory friends tell me that all of this confusion over Brexit is the fault of the EU implementing ridiculous rules and conditions just to punish us and make life difficult. My response is always that the very reason we joined the EU in the first place was just so we could do away with all of this prohibitive paperwork and red tape and open up smooth trading on all sides of the borders. Our trading conditions have been put back forty years.

    1. People believe what they want to believe then choose the ‘facts’ to fit.
      It’s not just the trade and travel that has been put back – it’s the whole emotional/psychological landscape. It’s empowered the racists, xenophobes and nationalists and made Britain a nasty isolated spiteful place with a bloated opinion of itself.
      We’re a small island that has been punching above its weight. We’re going back to being a small island.
      It’s brought out the worst in us and set us back decades.

    2. November 29th, 1947 – Amos Oz’s Eye-witness Account of the Night the UN Adopted the UNSCOP Report Recommending the Creation of Two States on the Territory of the British Mandate, One Jewish and One Arab, at Lake Success near New York: Excerpted from Amos Oz: ‘A Tale of Love and Darkness,’ London: Vintage Books, 2005, Pp. 341-345

      “Like a frightening dream crowds of shadows stood massed together silently by the yellow light of the streetlamp, in our yard, in the neighbouring yards, on balconies, in the roadway, like a vast assembly of ghosts. Hundreds of people not uttering a sound, neighbours, acquaintances, and strangers, some in their night clothes and others in their jacket and tie, occasional men in hats or caps, some women bare headed, others in dressing gowns with scarves round their heads, some of them carrying sleepy children on their shoulders, and on the edge of the crowd I noticed here and there an elderly woman sitting on a stool or a very old man who had been brought out into the street with his chair.

      The whole crowd seemed to have been turned to stone in that frightening night silence, as if they were not real people but hundreds of dark silhouettes painted on to the canvas of the flickering darkness. As though they had died on their feet. Not a word was heard, not a cough nor a footstep. No mosquito hummed. Only the deep, rough voice of the American presenter blaring from the radio which was set at full volume and made the night air tremble, or it may have been the voice of the president of the Assembly, the Brazilian Oswaldo Aranha. One after another he read out the names of the last countries on the list, in English alphabetical order, followed immediately by the reply of their representative. United Kingdom: abstains. Union of Soviet Socialist Republic: yes, United States: yes, Uruguay: yes. Venezuela: yes. Yemen: no. Yugoslavia: abstains.

      At that the voice suddenly stopped, an another-worldly silence descended and froze the whole scene, a terrified, eerie silence, a silence of hundreds of people holding their breath, such as I have never heard in my life either before or after that night. Then the deep, slightly hoarse voice came back, making the air shake as it summed up with a rough dryness brimming with excitement: Thirty-three for. Thirteen against. Ten abstentions and one country absent from the vote. The resolution is approved. …

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