The Corona Diaries – Day 378

The temperature has dropped twelve degrees. It’s freezing! Although it is very sunny.

I stayed in this morning and completed the first draft of my new Sci-fi book. It comes out at 50,000 words. I’m now starting the second draft and should get it up to 60,000 words. Then I’ll edit it.

Ain’t writing great?

While I was writing I was playing some Phil Ochs. Oh don’t we need some social commentary of the caliber of Harper, Dylan and Ochs. What a mess we’re in.

This afternoon I headed off up my hill. There was a cold north wind that made it quite difficult – the celandines and violets had closed up shop. The sun might be out but it felt like winter.

Meanwhile out in Coronaland the Tories tighten their grip. The opposition appears toothless.

Johnson is basking in the success of the vaccination programme which has reduced both deaths and hospitalisation dramatically. It has undoubtedly been a great success. Not that it was much to do with the Tory government. Thank you NHS.

Our vaccination success is in stark contrast to the continent. Their inability to buy enough vaccine and organise a mass vaccination has put them into a devastating third wave and further lockdown.

The worry thing is that the Tories don’t seem to learn. Their greed is only exceeded by their arrogant complacency. We still have airports open to people bringing in variants.

The latest gimmicks are ‘Shop Out to Help Out’. Who’s that meant to give money too? The other is ‘get tested twice a week.’

What I want is a vaccine roll-out right around the world leading to eradication of this virus. What’s the chances of these clowns cooperating on that one??

Remember what Churchill said – ‘It is not the end – It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning.’

There’s a lot more to come!!

Stay Safe – my nigh is ending!

3 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 378

  1. clowns can’t cooperate. not in their makeup. lol stateside, I expect we’ll continue to spin in and out of lockdowns and virus freakouts, despite vaccines. afterall, masks and mitiga

    1. I think you’re right Jeff. This selfishness pervades to the detriment of us all. We’ll be in a perpetual battle against variants with annual booster jabs.

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