The Corona Diaries – Day 374

It was back to winter today. Following two days of T-shirts and sun cream it’s back on with scarves, coats and hats. The temperature has dropped twelve degrees! At least it’s not raining! I dressed up and went for my walk. I’m still corona fit!

Back home I’ve been writing and listening to Little Walter. A good combination.

Out in Coronaland the madness continues apace.

I have decided that I must be living in a parallel universe to that of the majority of my fellow Britons.

In my universe Boris Johnson is an inept, arrogant slob, a philanderer, liar, racist, sexist, cheat and invisible piece of overprivileged shit. A completely useless scoundrel and self-serving Tory.

In the parallel universe he’s a nice cheeky chap you wouldn’t mind having a drink down the pub with, a good laugh who speaks his mind, says it how it is and is doing a great job.

In my universe the Tories are an arrogant bunch of extremists who, in order to feather their own nests, are leading the country into ruin. They practice cronyism, throw billions around like water, and are a bunch of profiteers making millions out of covid-19 and Brexit while conning the public, consigning everyone to decades of austerity, ruining the economy and cutting the public services to the bone. They lie, whitewash and are seeking to further control the BBC and media so that all the public gets is propaganda. They are cracking down on the right to protest, deploying the police to use violence against protesters and remain unaccountable for all their actions.

In the parallel universe they are a great bunch of born leaders who are doing the best anybody could have done in trying times and deserve a medal for their efforts.

I don’t know about this being the post-truth era; I think it’s the post-morality era. Everybody seems to think it’s OK to cheat and lie, that racism and sexism are acceptable.

Personally, I don’t think it’s OK. I want these bastards accountable for their lies and corruption.

Just a short while ago there was uproar about MPs fiddling expenses. It was scandalous!

This bunch are not fiddling a few thousand – they are chucking around billions of our money!! They are handing out multimillion pound contracts to their chums willy-nilly. They are making millions out of covid and Brexit. Am I the only one who doesn’t find this acceptable?

It looks like another pal of Johnson’s is on the ropes. Bolsonaro has another bunch of people leaving his cabinet. Rats off a sinking ship!! What a nightmare that man is!! First chopping down all the rainforest and scrapping environmental restrictions and then killing off tens of thousands with his stupidity over covid. He wants locking up.

I wonder how things are progressing with Trump’s incarceration?? He’s another one who needs locking up!

Perhaps if those two monsters were put away it might send a warning to Johnson that he can’t continue to flout laws??

The levels of virus, hospitalisation and deaths continue to fall. Good news. The vaccine is biting!

I can’t see any problems with foreign travel to countries with low cases and low variants for people who have been vaccinated. The risk seems no greater than being at home.

Of course we’d have to negotiate all the extra red tape – visas, health certificates, passports and insurance caused by Brexit – more cost, more waste of time and effort. It was fun to see those arrogant Brexiteer voting fools finding themselves being kicked out of Spain. LOL. There’ll be more to follow. They can have a hostile environment for foreign immigrants too!

Another bit of good news is that the Pfizer vaccine is a hundred percent effective against the South African variant and also in children between the ages of twelve and fourteen (so Boris will be able to get them back up those chimneys!).

I’m off back to my parallel universe to do some more writing.

Stay safe!!

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