Flag Waving Nationalists!!

The Union Jack and flag waving what is this all about?

I think it stinks!

I’ve seen the fascists strutting the streets with the Union Jack as their symbol. I’ve seen Tory profiteers wrapping themselves in the flag. I’ve seen flag waving military parades that lead to genocide and torture. I’ve seen the USA use its flag to denote arrogance and superiority.

I despise nationalism.

It is divisive and used by scoundrels to justify their crimes and throw a smokescreen over their actions.

I’ve just seen an arrogant Tory MP telling me that if I don’t like his brand of flag-waving nationalism I should find another country.

I don’t like his brand of fascism at all but I would be prepared to fight (metaphorically) to keep this country free of this xenophobic, racist bigotry.

The Union Jack is not so much a symbol of a fine unified country as one of oppression. You can stuff it. I have no interest in isolating myself. I’m part of a world community of free thinkers, free people – not some bunch of fascist nationalists.

2 thoughts on “Flag Waving Nationalists!!

  1. I’m with you, Opher! I see nothing positive for humanity in the exercise of nationalism. I’ve been espousing the concept of a world government as a federation that has global concerns vested in the global government and strictly local concerns handled by elected legislatures in the member nations. Just think of it! We could get a handle on the Covid-19 War, climate change, food distribution, warfare in general, and a host of other problems that vex humankind.

    1. Too true John. So many things do not respect national boundaries – I’d include ecological damage, species extinction, poverty, pollution, crime, corruption and tax evasion. Until we start acting globally we’ll never solve them!
      Good to hear from you! I hope you’re well?

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