Poetry – It doesn’t have to be this way

It doesn’t have to be this way

The rulers rule with their unwritten codes

Affected costumes, manners, cruel episodes.

Inequality flourishes as privilege explodes.

They mask their actions behind fine clothes.

With friendly smiles and callous blows

They dispense their justice, however it goes.

With rings on their fingers and large cash flows

They manipulate the markets as everybody knows.

They say you are invited to the top of the pile

If you work very hard and do it in style.

But there’s a big lock on the mansion door

We all know what it’s put there for.

They have plenty but they always want more.

They do not care who they leave on the floor.

They play their games with fine disregard

With arrogance born of the fine old guard.

They come from families who deserve it all

Who send all the others up against the wall.

They are the privileged minority

Who say ‘What will be will be.’

I think differently.

I have a dream of equality.

That people should be judged on ability.

All on the value of their worth

Not on the nature of their birth.

Opher – 26.3.2021

Nothing changes.

They perpetuate the system where the wealthy and powerful buy their privilege. They manipulate the system so that nothing can change. They run smear campaigns and hide up their acts, criminal deals and avoiding tax.

It’s the same gang who are in charge – the ones who ran the British Raj.

They lie and cheat with a big smile.

They are the billionaires and millionaires who convince us that they are trustworthy and one of us.

Trump will save us from our desperate state – except he’s the one who’ been profiting out of our fate.

That Boris Johnson is a cheeky chap full of good cheer – but is really a Bullingdon boy who is cold and calculating in his arrogant self-serving.

For some strange reason we keep voting them in.

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