Poetry – Looking Forward

Looking Forward

I’m looking forward

With a good heart

And a wish,

To a day

When there is

A healthy dream.

I’m hoping

And breathing my wishes

Into the wind

With the desire

That they might

Bear fruit.

I’m in love

With the future,

With its ripe world

Of possibility,

In which all things

Are imaginable.

Hopes, dreams, desires, love

And wishes

Are all

I have to offer.

I crave

They are enough.

Opher – 13.5.2016

Looking forward

If we do not keep the hope alive then life is unbearable. We have to dream.

Somewhere in the future there has to be a life that is better than the one we live, a world that is fairer and less violent.

It is true.

If we measure ourselves against the past we see that we are not as cruel as we were. The bear-pits, and cock fights are gone. The brigands no longer pillage and rape. We no longer torture people to death or burn them at the stake. We have become more civilised.

The zeitgeist we build will be better. It is something to work for.

Before we destroy nature completely we may yet come to our senses.

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