The Corona Diaries – Day 367

It was such a warm sunny day in Yorkshire that we decided to set off on a long walk and so took some sandwiches and made a picnic of it. I should have popped in a bottle of wine!

It was a great walk.

Back home I’ve been doing some writing – my new Sci-fi novel – and listening to some Frank Zappa.

I see Roy Harper had his vaccination today! Great stuff.

Over the last couple of nights we’ve been watching the drama ‘Indian Summer’. It’s set in the Raj. The thing that really gets you is the sheers arrogance and silliness of those elite Eton mob. To think they ruled India. The Indians (and others around the world) must be wondering how on earth they were taken in by them. These twerps were the ones who set up the British Empire and ruled it with an iron fist. The other side of them was their cold callousness. They always believed they were right even when they were obviously wrong. They always blamed others and were not slow in meting out rough justice and death. A nasty bunch of twerps.

What struck me was the fact that it is precisely these same twerps who are ruling us today! The Eton twerps are in control. We keep electing them. They are just as arrogant, two-faced and nasty. The Bullingdon Boys with their pig’s heads and sexual capers, their rowdy parties and ill-treatment of ‘servants’. We elect them.

They pretend to be pleasant and cheery. They promise the earth. They seem genuine. But they are nasty elitist scum who are perpetuating a system of control.

They still believe they are always right even when making a mess of things – re the covid-19 pandemic – world-beating T&T, Apps and Moonshots. Re Brexit – with their oven-readies.

They are still just as arrogant, two-faced and callous – re the Nurses 1% and key workers pay freeze.

They are still practicing their same Old Boy’s network – re all the cronyism with billions being chucked around on useless contracts to chums.

They are still just as hopeless – re the mess they’ve made of everything!

Nothing changes. Watching Indian Summer put me in mind of Boris Johnson, Cameron, Osborne and the rest of the over-privileged rich kids who have been running the country so badly.

That same arrogance, xenophobia and racism has led to these terrible relationships with our EU partners. Our condescending attitude couple with the lies, deceit and law breaking, has created such a toxic relationship that a lot of things are not working as they could. It is hosttile.

Who pays for it? We do – they don’t!

This week it is flaring up over the vaccines. We could find ourselves in a vaccine war to everybody’s detriment. All this petty nationalism is stupid stupid stupid!! We can no longer act as single nations. The trade links are too complicated. Things are no longer sourced and made in one place. They are put together from components from many different countries. It requires collaboration – to everybody’s benefit. The vaccines are a good example of this. Many different countries are involved in sourcing chemicals, knowledge, development and manufacture. If we end up in a war it’ll stymie the whole production.

How daft can you get?

Well I suppose it’s really how greedy can you get? Johnson let the cat out of the bag on that one. Our clown with a haystack on his head (posing as a Charlie Chaplin down and out) can’t help but put his foot in it. If that isn’t bad enough he then wipes his boots clean on us!!

Is there a country in the world with a competent government? How do all these nincompoops, sociopaths, psychopaths and despots get elected? Is there a system that filters out sensible, normal, intelligent people and bars them from office? Or is it just that our populations are all gullible and stupid?

Stay safe – things might get better one day!!

8 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 367

      1. The same in that they all support the system. But if a party comes along, like the Labour Party – a true socialist party who represent the people and not the elite – they are lambasted in the media, totally destroyed, and if they do get elected the big money ensures they cannot succeed. The system is rigged.

  1. If I was Boris Johnson – ha, did I just say that out loud? – I’d pause our vaccination drive when the most vulnerable have been jabbed and then show some reciprocal generosity about sharing them with other countries. We can’t cut ourselves off, it’s too complex and interdependent. Bet he doesn’t, though …

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