The Corona Diaries – Day 366

Well I’m heading into the second year of lockdown with a bright sunny day. Let’s hope that continues.

Last year, when I started the diaries, I had no idea that it was going to be a whole year. That would have seemed preposterous. I actually thought that I would be going down with the illness and I could write about that. (I’m not sure you can write on a ventilator though??). That didn’t happen. I’ve had family and friends who have had it but I only know of one neighbour who has died.

This second year is starting with the prospect of getting back to normal soon. I’ll have my second jab in the next five or six weeks and then I will feel secure. Everything is starting to open up. In a couple of months things could be back to normal.

But wasn’t that what I thought last year?? Who knows? Things can all go horribly wrong. Although they have jabbed a lot of people there are still a lot of people needing jabbing. A third wave is storming through Europe and will no doubt manifest itself here. If we have enough vulnerable antivaxxers the death-rate will go through the roof again and we’ll find ourselves locked down.

I hope they bring in a vaccine passport so that those of us who have had our vaccine and are safe can have our freedom back.

Boris blunders away – this time saying that the only reason we got the vaccine was because of greed and capitalism. That’s how he sees the world – the greedy and the exploited. He’s got a point. He represents the greedy so he should know.

He’s successfully fostered such bad feeling with the EU that they are completely losing it. We’ll be at war soon.

Then there are the variants. They seem very cagey about them. I suspect that there are a number who do not respond to the vaccine. If they get into the country we’ll be back to square one.

For the moment all foreign travel is off. They do not want the variants being brought back – could be asymtomatically on/in children.

They are talking about a booster in Autumn to pick up the variants.

It looks to me as if the UK will open up this summer and then foreign travel after the booster in autumn. Even then I bet there will be a number of countries with unknown variants who will be red listed. We’ll see.

So I start this second year with more confidence than the last one! Having had one jab I’m pretty safe now anyway.

So today I’ve beeing doing a bit of writing on my Sci-fi novel, moving a huge pile of wood for the woodburner and playing some Roy Harper. I’m just about to go for my walk.

Stay safe!!

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