The Corona Diaries – Day 353

Apart from being very windy it is quite bright today. But I still decided to stay in this morning to get a serious bit of editing done.

I’ve been playing some Otis Redding. So tight.

This afternoon I’m going for my walk, I’ll do a bit of writing for my Sci-fi novel and then watch a bit of football.

Days are flying past so fast in this lockdown. The weeks melt away.

Out in Coronaland the government is literally getting away with murder!! 125,000 dead so far (how many weeks ago was Vietnam’s last death?)

The schools are back. Our teachers once more exposed to the virus. Their reward for all this hard work – a pay freeze.

The carers are still valiantly trying to keep the virus out of Care Homes – reward – a pay freeze.

The nurses and doctors are still struggling to save lives and risking their own – reward – a below inflation 1%.

A nurse earns £21600 – that’s public knowledge. Dido Harding, a Tory Peer, earned £68,000 just for chairing a committee. What she is paid for managing the Track and Trace (£37 Billion of wasted money) is anybody’s guess. If you ask you get this response:

Dear Department of Health and Social Care,

Under the freedom of information act can you provide the following:

Details of Dame Dido Harding’s salary, including bonuses for 2020.
Her expected working hours (i.e. full time at 37hrs per week).
Her position designation. (i.e. is it senior civil service).

Yours faithfully,

J Peters

Question refused!!!

But we do know that 2,300 managers are receiving £168,000 a year. What a nurse, teacher or carer would give for such a salary!!

So as the government splash our money around to their Tory donors we all know who is going to be picking up the tab over the ensuing years, don’t we? It will definitely be the bankers and CEOs.

I’m so pissed off with this cronyism and corruption, the lies and incompetence and even more by the gullibility of the public, so I’m off for my walk!!

Stay safe!!

10 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 353

  1. Administrators and managers always make all the money. Workers get no raise or pay cuts in the form of a furlough. I believe it is that way in both of our countries. Those positions are impossible to get into because they are reserved for family and friends.

      1. one thing making these tough days survivable is not having Orange fuck in our collective faces daily, spewing his unending firehose of lies. His obscene orange face, contorted mouth and waving little hands making a mockery of everything to his fist pumps trying to show “strength.” gawd.

      2. That is one hell of an improvement. All we need now is for him to have a major stroke or heart attack. That would cheer me up!

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