The Corona Diaries – Day 346

It was a bit drizzley this morning. I stayed in and tried to sort out the mess with transferring my energy supplier. That took me all morning and is nowhere near sorted.

As with everything we have to change each year in order to get a good deal. It you stay with your energy supplier, house insurer, car insurer or anything else they charge the earth. You are forced to keep transferring in order to save hundreds of poubnds.

I checked through one of these groups who claim to do all the work. One click and I supposedly saved £350. Except it is never as easy as that is it? I had to fill in all the data and I was assured that I would be painlessly switched in two weeks. Two weeks passed and I hadn’t heard anything. I had to ring back. They chased it up. Finally I received a pack. Then yesterday I received two emails – one from my old supplier and one from the new one – telling me my transfer had been blocked. I was instructed to contact my old supplier, sort the problem, then get back to my new supplier and start the process.

I’m sure that you are all familiar with queues and waiting to speak to someone and being transferred. It took me a morning. Now they are sorting it and I might have resolved it in ten days. Then I can contact my new supplier and get them to continue setting up. I bet that’ll be another morning.

I cannot see how this competitive structuring can possibly be cheaper and more efficient. Whichever supplier you are with it’s the same gas and electric comes into your house!

It used to be nationalised. You had one tariff. You paid for the gas and electric you used.

Now there are lots of suppliers, lots of tariffs and they are all trying to scam you. We are paying for all these call centres making money out of transferring you. We are paying for all these people in the suppliers to keep managing transfers. We have the suppliers taking profits and investors taking profits. All of that adds to the cost of my gas and electric.

I could do with nationalised gas, electricity, water and transport. It would save me hours and couldn’t help but be cheaper!!

To while away the time and vent my anger I was playing some Roy Harper and after lunch I went up my hill and fed my adopted horse.

Then it is editing my Roy book and writing my new Sci-fi novel.

There are not enough hours in the day to do everything I want to do.

Yesterday’s Corona figures:

USA – 66714 new cases 2369 deaths total 518,000 deaths

UK – 6,385 new cases 487 deaths total 124,000 deaths

NZ – 5 new cases 0 deaths total 26 deaths.

Here’s why:

The children of one of our friends (couple with two young kids) have just emigrated to New Zealand.

They were met off the plane by armed guards and escorted straight to a hotel room.

They are not allowed out of that room for two weeks. The four of them have to keep all doors shut. Their food is delivered to them.

After two weeks they go from the hotel to the town where they will be living and working. They are to be escorted straight there and will be isolated in another hotel room for a further two weeks.

Following that they are free to move and travel without restriction. Life in New Zealand is normal. They do not have any lockdowns – unless there is a local outbreak. They have all pubs and entertainment functioning normally. They do not need masks or distancing.

In the UK millions of people have wandered in without any checks, monitoring or follow up. Only recently did they introduce strict isolation. Even then they have allowed people with the new Brazilian variant (likely to not respond to our vaccine) to come into the country and can’t even find one of them!

Talk about useless!!

Try to keep clear of variants. Happy jabbing!!

2 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 346

  1. I’ve changed energy supplier a couple of times but I’ve been with So Energy who have remained competitive over the five years I have been with them. They are a young green company and on the occasions I have called them, I’ve always had someone quickly on the other end. My dilemma at the mo is whether or not to take up their offer of a smart meter. Have you experienced a smart meter?


    1. I’m just changing to SO energy. That’s good to hear that they are OK. I’ve been with Together who were very difficult to get help from.
      I’m afraid that I have never had the experience with a smart meter. I’m a little reticent.

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