The Corona Diaries – Day 339

I had to check what day it was today. Without anything happening there are no landmarks. Days merge together. They all follow the same pattern.

It was sunny in Yorkshire so I went for an early walk. It felt like spring but there was a chill in the wind. It was the first time this year I’ve been without a jacket and I found myself missing it at the top of my hill. The wind was a bit biting.

I fed my adopted horse an apple, looked at the banks of snowdrops and other plants beginning to pop out of the ground. The birds were singing and I even caught a glimpse of one of my red kites.

A pleasant walk.

Back home I have completed the editing so I did some reading and played Emmerlist Davjack by the Nice. A great album.

Meanwhile, out in Coronaland our blithering walking haystack is pinning hopes on his ‘roadmap’. He thinks that everyone will forget about the mess and lies of Brexit, forget about the huge death-toll and the worst-hit economy, forget about the cheerleading and broken promises, forget about the incompetence, forget about the dithering, forget about the tardiness and poor decision-making, and still back him.

He’s probably right. The electorate are gullible fools.

Fortunately the lockdown and vaccination is forcing down the rates of infection. It’s down to 9,938 new cases yesterday with another 442 deaths. Still way too high and utterly disastrous when compared to a country like Vietnam – 9 new cases yesterday and no deaths. However, if the levels keep coming down we’ll arrive at a point where even Dido Hardings useless Track and Trace will be good enough!

Still, I suppose we could have Trump or Bolsonaro (the virus is still rampaging in Brazil) that would be worse!!

I notice the antivaxxers are starting a petition. They think that a vaccination passport discriminates against them. I have an alternative – they could all have to wear a bell and go around shouting ‘Unclean’ every three minutes!

One worrying statistic is that it is the BME and poor who are refusing vaccination – the very groups who are most vulnerable are proving to be the most susceptible to conspiracy. These cynical conspiracy purveyors will actually kill a lot of people and prolong the disease. They need locking up. Putting out false information should be a crime. I’d start by locking up Trump.

The government has finally done the right thing and given the grading of students to teachers. It is obvious that exams cannot go ahead. There is no other way. Now teachers can begin setting a series of tests so that students can be fairly graded. That makes sense to me.

The government is bragging about putting in millions more into education to tackle the disruption that Covid has caused for the less privileged who have gone badly behind. It works out at £22 K per school. All money is welcome but that is peanuts. It won’t even buy in an extra teacher let alone solve the problem.

The other stupidity is not putting key workers up the list to be vaccinated. They are the ones most at risk and most likely to spread the disease. Surely they should be a priority??

Stay safe – much more nigh is on the way!!

14 thoughts on “The Corona Diaries – Day 339

  1. Opher, I looked into the “anti-vaxxer” petition (here: It has already reached enough signatures to be (supposedly) debated in parliament. But it is blocked indefinitely: A dishonest way to destroy liberties and suppress dissent, don’t you agree?

    I don’t know what you mean by BME – the acronym I know is BAME (Black, Asian, Minority Ethnic). But those people seem to have their heads screwed on the right way. I’m on their side, not the establishment’s. It is their right to make decisions about their lives. And, unless their decision can be proven beyond reasonable doubt to harm other people, they (and I) should be left alone.

    And I’m not sure exactly what you mean by “key workers.” Doctors and nurses have already been vaccinated – haven’t they? Who else do you think are “key” in this context?

    1. I think you’re being very silly Neil. It is not about freedom it’s about life and death. The vaccine is a cure for a lethal illness. To refuse a cure is stupid. It reminds me of the Jehovah Witnesses and blood transfusions – plain daft.
      Not only that but if enough people refuse it stops herd immunity and keeps us in lockdown. It’s pure antisocial conspiracy. There is no scientific basis for the argument not to have it. Stupidity rules.

    2. Fortunately they will bring in a passport that will give us our freedom. The price of joining the senseless conspiracy will be to isolate yourself. Totally nuts.

  2. Opher, life is not worth living without freedom. Lack of freedom is death – or slavery, or both.

    Besides, I already had the damned virus more than a year ago, and (unless and until it mutates a lot further than it has) it can’t hit you again once you’ve beaten it. I’ve heard claims to the contrary, but I haven’t seen any substantiated ones. You have no grounds for calling me stupid for refusing something I don’t need.

    And then you talk about “anti-social conspiracy.” Why do you think there’s a conspiracy? What’s actually going on is far simpler than that. A lot of people are deciding that they don’t trust the bunch of wallies and prats that have made such a cock-up of this whole issue. Nor their corporate buddies to whom they have given immunity from prosecution, if side-effects of the vaccine cause someone’s death.

    Put that in the context of the petition you linked to, with the text: “We want the Government to commit to not rolling out any e-vaccination status/immunity passport to the British public. Such passports could be used to restrict the rights of people who have refused a Covid-19 vaccine, which would be unacceptable.” That petition has already amassed more than 200,000 signatures, twice the level that is supposed to require parliament to discuss it, inside 6 days. I signed it myself half an hour or so ago, and the vote count is still going up – in the minute I chose to watch, there were 20 new signatures. And yet, the scumbags have suspended all dealings with petitioners – along with a lot more scrutinies that are supposed to take place within the parliament – on the spurious grounds that “Westminster Hall is closed.” See here: If there’s a conspiracy, it’s on the side of those that want to force lockdowns, vaccination and other indignities on everyone.

    And when you say “there’s no scientific basis for the argument not to have it,” can you please point me to the calculations that quantify the risks to others posed by those who refuse to take the vaccine, as compared with those who accept it? If you can do that, then surely you will find it super-easy to point me to the calculations that quantify the same risks with respect to mask-wearing. I haven’t been able to find them!

    Opher, in many ways you’re a nice guy. But you show no concern for anyone who wants to do things in their own way, that doesn’t follow your way.

    1. As I have said before Neil – this isn’t anything to do with freedom; it’s to do with fighting a killer pandemic that is taking all of our freedom away. The government restrictions are not the problem. The evidence is very clear. The antibodies from an infection do not last, vaccination lasts longer. If we are going to be able to get our freedom back – to go to pubs, cinemas and gigs, to travel and mingle with friends and family we have to be vaccinated and achieve herd immunity. Anyone refusing to do so is keeping us all in lockdown longer.
      Refusing a cure for a lethal disease is daft. No other word for it.
      Refusing is bad for the rest of us – it’s selfish.
      Refusing is keeping us in lockdown longer – perhaps indefinitely and enabling the further spread and mutation of the disease. That is irresponsible.
      It’s not an indignity; it is a cure. If people all thought like you Neil we’d all be going down with smallpox, tuberculosis and polio!
      Or are you relying on everyone else doing the heavy lifting for you?
      Neil having a large number of antivaxxers creates a reservoir of virus that mutates and puts us all at risk.
      Bring in the vaccine passport – open the pubs and concerts, travel and cinemas, restaurants and public meetings for the vaccinated and bar the unvaccinated!

      1. Opher, you are quite wrong. It isn’t the virus itself which has taken our liberties away. It is the reaction of the politicians and the freedom-haters that advise them. The proper response to a problem like this is to tell people the full facts, advise them on how they can minimize risks, and let them make their own decisions. Yet these Machiavellian maniacs want to micro-manage our lives and keep us chained to our computers. Permanently, if they can get away with it.

        The antibodies from a COVID infection may not last, but T-cell immunity does. At least six months, so a BMJ paper from last November tells us, and maybe much longer. Absent huge mutations, if you get T-cell immunity (and pretty much everyone who had symptoms when infected does get it), the protection is just as good as from a vaccine. Maybe better, as we have no idea at all how good the vaccine will be against new strains.

        And by the way, there are big differences between this situation and vaccinations against polio, smallpox and TB. One, those vaccinations are designed to be given to young people, who haven’t been exposed to the disease. And two, those vaccines are tried and fully tested, while COVID vaccines are not.

        This is a really big and important civil liberties issue, Opher. Having had the disease, even if I trusted the vaccine manufacturers, I would be inclined to refuse the vaccine, if only to make the point. The real problem is not the jab, but the compulsion. The petition is already the 20th biggest parliamentary petition so far, it got another 15,000 signatories since yesterday, and it runs until July. As and when they actually bring in this “passport,” expect the numbers of people joining the petition, and perhaps taking direct action, to go off the scale.

        For you to call people like me “selfish” is ridiculous. You are the one being selfish, wanting to force other people to do something they don’t want to, because you expect to get a benefit from it. You’re no better than that silly old woman that gets £80+ million of taxpayer money per year, lives in a castle, and has never done a decent day’s work in her life.

      2. Rubbish Neil. The whole world is having to deal with a pandemic. All countries. The lockdowns are essential to avoid massive numbers of deaths.
        Your risk from a vaccine is minute. Your risk from Covid is high.
        Think in terms of others and bring that into the equation. Your thinking is simply wrong. The selfishness of antivaxxers is evident. They are keeping us in prison.

      3. Opher, this is not about lockdowns. It is about compulsion. You tried to change the subject, but you failed.

        You say, “Think in terms of others.” And yet, you refuse to recognize my, and other people’s, right not to be forced into medical treatment we don’t want. If you haven’t already, read up about the eugenics movement of the early 20th century. And when you’ve done that reading, admit that you are the one that doesn’t think in terms of others.

      4. There is no compulsion. There is only responsibility and obligation to your fellow men.
        Eugenics???? There is absolutely no comparison.
        The virus has killed 121,000 people in the UK. It’s killing 400 a day presently. It is in danger of overwhelming the NHS if unchecked. That is apart from the hundreds of thousands suffering from long covid – 10-15% of infections.
        The danger is that the more virus out there the more mutation. That means variants that could be more lethal, more infective and able to evade the vaccine. The only way to reduce that threat is to reduce the virus – through vaccination.
        a. Refusing to take something that would protect you against a potentially lethal virus or one that could incapacitate you for a considerable time or for life, is not intelligent.
        b. Refusing to take it and thus allowing more virus to circulate, maintaining longer restrictions of our freedoms and allowing more mutation and a potential further risk to health and future freedom is irresponsible, unintelligent, antisocial and selfish.
        Your claim that it is the government taking your freedom is silly.
        The obvious evidence that the vaccine is safe, now that tens of millions world-wide have had it without any major problems, is manifest. The risk from covid is thousands of times greater.
        The only way we get back to normality and the return of our freedom is through vaccination.
        Even if you don’t care about your own health you should care about the health of others.

  3. Opher, don’t you understand that if the vaccine works as advertised, no-one who has accepted it – including you – is in any danger? So, the only people who may suffer from people refusing it will be those individuals who refuse it.

    And don’t you understand that the establishment don’t care a damn about our freedoms? Maintaining the restrictions as long as possible is their policy. They’d make them permanent, if they thought they could get away with it. These motherfuckers don’t care about truth, honesty or us human beings. You already know that, deep down!

    1. That is not true. The ones who are not vaccinated are a reservoir for the virus enabling it to mutate and threaten all of us. A mutation could be far more lethal. No vaccine is 100% effective. With 96% effectiveness that means 4% are at threat from the anti-vaxxers. Our resources are used us in the NHS because of hospitalising anti-vaxxers. We are in lockdown longer with our freedoms curtailed because of anti-vaxxers.
      It is not only greatly stupid – haven’t you seen today’s reports on the effectiveness? – but it is selfish.
      Don’t be silly. The establishment do not want us cooped up. They want us out spending. You live in a fantasy world. You are one of the ones curtailing my freedom – not them.

  4. Dear Opher
    I have looked at your website and find it certainly interesting. I like your list regarding what you are happy about, very sensible.

    You say elsewhere that we share 99% of our genes (sic) with chimpanzees and gorillas. Personally I don’t, as I have no genes (sic) and even if I did I doubt the chimpanzees and gorillas would fit into them.

    Which leads me to the books of the Bible which I don’t suppose you realised speak about genes.
    In the Old Testament the first and last books are Genesis and Malachi, or more properly ‘Genes is malarkey’.

    In the New Testament the first and last books we have Matthew and Revelation. But Matthew is also known as Levi. Levi make jeans. So more properly ‘Jeans Revelation’. And today we have the human genome revealed.

    Which goes to show that an old book has something to say to us now. It might also suggest that God exists and has a sense of humour.

    And that something went wrong with the genes and the problem is being revealed in our time.
    As regards Covid 19 I have written about this on my site under Covid 19 Summary. The virus is not biological but chemical from all the nasty or Nazi stuff people (the Nazis) put in the air, water and land.

    You could try examining what I say and we can reason together about these things. If you are welded to evolutionary theory there may be a problem in being open minded. I have examined the situation from all angles as far as I can.

    If you think it is a load of bollux you can say so. but then having looked at parts of your site I have to say you are contradictory at times and are therefore talking bollux yourself. We could then laugh about this which is better than fighting.

    We might even find we agree on more than just your happy list. I have just checked and see you like Tom Lehrer –I think he’s great, I have two of his albums.

    Kind regards

    Baldmichael Theresoluteprotector’sson

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